26 January 2018
– by Nicola Middleton, founder and president of Godbrands

As Day Zero draws ever nearer, I ask myself this: God why is this happening and what are your children supposed to do?

We are spirit beings having a human experience.  We aren’t yet really awake to this reality.

Things are birthed in the spiritual realm and manifest in the natural realm. This too we aren’t really awake to yet.

I sense that the water crisis in Cape Town is totally rooted in the spiritual.

And so here I sit, having an insight, I believe, into the spiritual reality, that I can see my human brothers and sisters don’t really comprehend yet. This matters, because it means that we aren’t yet doing the things we are supposed to be doing in order to work with the water crisis in Cape Town in the way that we are actually supposed to.

So, what is really going on? I like that question a lot: “What is really going on?”.

Here is my answer when it comes to the water crisis in Cape Town.

Cape Town is a spiritual portal. New things are ushered into the nation and the planet through Cape Town. It isn’t called “The Mother City” for nothing. A mother gives birth. And just like a mother in the natural gives birth to a natural child, so a mother in the spiritual, gives birth to a spiritual child. And in this case the spiritual mother is a city.  Cities have energy on them.  One can actually read and sense and experience the spirit that is on various cities of the world.  Cape Town’s anointing is to be a “Mother City” on the planet.  Just like Johannesburg is “The City of Gold” and Paris is “The City of Romance”. These pop culture labels in reality oftentimes point to the spirit of the City.

Cape Town is right now in the spiritual realm poised to give birth to “living waters”. Tsunami waves of love, healing and positive living are destined to flow in, through and out of Cape Town.  I personally am expectant that the spiritual waters and the natural waters being freely released in and through Cape Town are destined to coincide. I can feel that the spiritual energies of the city, in the hearts of the people, aren’t right yet, but much readiness is in place. We are poised for this move that is now upon us. Right now we appear to still be asleep. God, what will it take to wake us up?  What will it take to make us understand and comprehend our own spiritual roles and how it really does matter what we think and how we align our own spirits? 

One thing I am encouraged by is that the water crisis seems to be focussing the minds of locals and visitors alike, like never before, to operate in harmony, unity and oneness to preserve the precious water reserves of our beloved Cape. Working in unity and harmony en masse can be accomplished it seems. The reality of the situation needs to be real, the will of the people needs to be there, and it needs good clear and consistent communication. This is what it looks like from where I am standing and observing and sensing the situation.

I arrived just before New Year 2018 in the Cape.  The night of my arrival I sat and reflected and received this in my spirit.  My heart is as dry as this city. Question: Why is it dry?  Answer: Because I am not receiving love to overflowing.

I have an interesting relationship with God.  I see and sense repeatedly how God is using me to feel and represent His heart in His world. I am founder and president of the business Godbrands, which is developing various spiritual brands for the world. The slogan of the business is “God’s Heart in His World”.   Oftentimes I feel things for my own heart and at the same time it feels that I am experiencing God’s heart through my own.

It is my reality. My own world is not showing me the love my heart needs, even though I have tested and I know how I am truly a vessel of unconditional love, having matured to this reality a number of years ago.  I function as pure unconditional love and I watch the fruit of my sowing. The power of love really does work.

I believe this same reality that is my reality is also God’s reality. God is love and loves us. The first and most important commandment is “Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength”. We aren’t even succeeding at the first commandment, because the world has trained us into wrong thinking and we are caught up in the cares of the world and also in living in a natural reality, rather than in the deeper and more real, spiritual reality. So, God’s children aren’t loving Him back. His heart is dried up. Now the waters of the Mother City are also drying up. And the waters of Nicola’s heart are drying up. And God gave me the mandate to tell all the women of the world to BE LOVE, through the brand called Kingdom Mums, one of the brands Godbrands is busy developing.  From this vantage point I see and experience how the women aren’t yet “catching” their own identity, their anointing, their true essence and the now time where we are called to rise up as the spiritual mothers of the planet doing the work of love and spiritual motherhood for the whole earth.

It all flows together for me: humanity, Capetonians and visitors to Cape Town alike.  As we start to tap into spiritual reality, as we start to understand our own spiritual identity, as we start to function as love creatures (I like to call us that, because we are made by love for love), as we start obeying and flowing with the two greatest commandments, of which the first is loving God and the second is loving self and everyone around you equally, we start to align our energies to God, to Love, to Right.

I believe it is Love energy flowing freely and in ever increasing measure through us,  that will release the natural waters to flow in Cape Town. It is Capetonians waking up and deciding on masse to live right and aligned to Love and to God. That’s what needs to happen now. The spiritual energy blockage must be removed and then the natural energy (ie rain) blockage will also be removed.

Spiritual and natural energies are aligned, whether for right or wrong.  If  we align ourselves right, then our energies in the spiritual realm will release the right energies in the natural realm. Let’s make it all open, good, positive, right, true and pure.  Then watch the rains arrive freely and joyfully in Cape Town, the Mother City. Let’s make God’s heart happy and let’s make Cape Town happy.

A word on waters. In the Bible we read about living waters.  Jesus says that we can receive His living waters inside our hearts and we will never thirst again spiritually.  Our hearts can actually be like rivers of living water if we choose alignment to God, Right, Truth.   That’s what we now want for Cape Town in the natural. Streams of pure natural waters to flow. If we understand the parallel worlds of spirit and natural, then isn’t it obvious that we are looking at a spiritual blockage and it’s one we can collectively unblock if we have the will to do so and we collectively decide that we now choose God and His way above all else for real and then we ACT right to manifest it inside ourselves.

A word on spiritual reality. The spiritual realm is in our hearts.  Inside our hearts we find a  battleground of good and evil. It is up to us to choose correctly and we can know that we have the consequences of our choice. We, humanity, have in infinite many places disobeyed God’s commands and His design. Remember that His commands and His design actually exists for our own good and because God wants the best for us.  His commands keep us safe and bring us blessings.  I believe it’s simply our own foolishness  that stops us from not choosing to align with Him and His will.   God’s world tells us to keep ourselves pure and not to practice all kinds of magic arts, sorcery and divination. I personally am aware of how the natural waters at the foot of Table Mountain itself are being used in both pure and impure spiritual ways. The impurities have to stop if we want to have the very best that God has for us. Please tell me, give me the rationale and comprehension why anyone would choose dirty spiritual waters over clean living waters?  I guess it’s because we haven’t been educated enough, we have boxed God into religion (something that doesn’t go down well with some of the most intensely spiritually active among the human family). We also are still in many ways spiritually immature, which means that oftentimes we just don’t know better yet.   

My prayer goes now for all lack of education and the immaturity, the lack of understanding and comprehension to end immediately. I also pray for God to be completely unboxed from religion so all can access Him in their own unique way and time, with no obstacles, confusion or limitations placed on the individual’s journey.  I pray this and I declare that this world is now entirely free in spirit and in the natural,  in Jesus Name. Amen.

Lord, may we now align and instantly “catch” what we are supposed to do in Cape Town.  May we instantly become aligned to you, may we pour our love into you abundantly and freely. May we choose to allow only pure and clean living spiritual waters, direct from the Cross of Jesus, to be released in and through our hearts.  Make us abundantly good “hosepipes of heaven” as I like to call us, channelling those rivers of living water.

Lord, bring now the natural rains and make them fully connected to the deep inner heart and mind work we are doing within ourselves and trigger that each individual is responsible for this work insides themselves and they know it. Lord, if we move away from what is right, you know it.  Please admonish us by stopping the natural rains. Let this connection now forever be in place and let us be spiritually awake and alert at all times.  We have no excuses.  We align, we have rain. We move away from God, we misalign, then both the spiritual living waters and the natural waters dry up.

It is up to us to choose right and to keep choosing right. Now it is so, in Jesus Name. Forever and ever.  Amen.

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