‘Hate Speech Bill’ Redraft Will Protect Religious Freedom
William Murray, Son Of The Founder Of American Atheists, Converts...
France Passes Law Imposing Up To Two Years Prison For Running Pro...
F-15s Intercept Aircraft Near Trump’s Florida Home
Swedish Court Approves Muslim Child Marriage
Iraqi Forces Launch Push To Retake Western Mosul From IS
Dr. Oz Show Puts God Front And Center
Hillsong To Open New Campus In Israel
Pavement Lights Guide ‘Smartphone Zombies’
Franklin Graham: Samaritan’s Purse Is Saving Lives Of ISIS ...
Israeli Nano-Satellites Launched Into Space

Afrikaanse Nuus

Presidentsvrou, Melania Tump, Word Bespot Oor Die Onse Vader-Gebe...
Viëtnamese Peuter Genees Na Gebed
Kinders Gevind Ná Massaontvoering In Gauteng
Meer As Twintig Seuns Bevry Van Vissersbote
Verenigde Gebed Vir Suid-Afrika Op 26 Februarie
Aborsie: Meerderheid Amerikaners Steun Die Hartklop-Wetsontwerp
Vuurvreter Wilders Voor In Die Nederlandse Verkiesing
Samoa – ‘n Christelike land
Sosiale geregtigheid: Komende verkiesing in Indonesië
Bid Met Insig Vir Sirië: Nuutste Verwikkelinge
Vrae Oor Plaasmoorde

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Awesome Testimony From Michelle Strydom
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When School Doesn’t Teach You Life Skills
A Look At Christian Persecution In Syria You Won’t See Anyw...
Donald Trump Exposes Christian Genocide
3 Truths Of Success By Myles Munroe
A Palestinian Road Trip That You Won’t Forget!
God With Us – Christmas Message

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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Might Need Deliverance
There’s A Difference Between Taking A Stand And ‘Causing Divi...
Can We Know Who Wrote The Gospels?
5 Ways You Can Grow Spiritually This Year
Compelling Historical Evidence For The Virgin Birth Of Jesus Chri...
Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
Zadok, Christian Churches And The LGBT Split
“Who Does An Atheist Thank At Thanksgiving?” – Ray ...
Where Does The Bible Say Extra-Marital Sex Is Wrong?
Why You Should Not Celebrate Halloween
Dabbling With The Dark Side? The Bible Clearly Condemns Halloween

Women of Grace

Ps Lillian Van Der Westhuizen
A Relationship Of Love
Jenny-May Hudson
God Is Our Source Of Hope
Dr Martie Lancellas
Serving From The Inside Out
Ps Janine Bagg
10 Aspirational Attributes Of The Grace Of God
Fiona Des Fontaine
Yes, We Can Know God
Audrey Hardy
The Unconditional Love Of Jesus
Rose Roode
Matters Of The Heart
Maditshaba Moloko
The Voice Of The 1st
Ps Jo Swart
God Will Never Ask Too Much Of Us
Belinda Spannenberg
You’re An Army Dressed For Battle – Take The Land
Wanda Bam
Kyk Dieper, Luister Werklik
Ella Kritzinger
Gebreekte Kruike
Ilse Kleyn
Kroon Van Transformasie
Charmaine Boshoff
God Het Jou By Jou Naam Geroep
Rina Kinnear
Gebed Wat Die Hemel Na Die Aarde Bring
Erdine du Toit
Plaas God Eerste In Jou Lewe
Ps Jo Swart
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Words of Wisdom

Johan Lombard
The Foundation Of Our Faith
Jan Curtin
Choose Peace
Mondli Myeza
Leadership Is For The People
Ps Allan Walter Africa
Living With The Supernatural Power Of God
Nicky vd Westhuizen
Supernatural Wealth Transfer
Ps Paul Daniel
The Blood That Speaks
André Bronkhorst
Strengthening Prophets
Ps Brad Espin
Redemptive Love
Dewald Gouws
Wat Laat Ons Staande Bly?
Francois Engelbrecht
Die Gawe Van Profesie?
Pastoor Lood
Wie Is God Vir Jou?
Jack Martin
Gedagtes Oor Die Heilige Gees
Rooies Strauss
‘Christen’ Beteken ‘Volgeling Van Jesus’
Jacques Gombault
Desember-Vakansies En ’n Nuwe Jaar
André Bronkhorst
Discerning God’s Voice
Jan Curtin
Kingdom Of God
Ps Paul Daniel
The Blood That Shed


Introducing The New National Director
Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – January JOY! Article
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Grant & Theunisina Neyt – January JOY! Article
Alta Strauss
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Edward Ackerman
E-mail Edward Ackerman
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E-mail Hein Strauss
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E-mail Joshua Baker
Joshua Baker
E-mail Francois De Jager
Etienne & Rosanne De Lange
E-mail Etienne & Rosanne De Lange

Youth & Young Adults

What Moms Need To Tell Middle School Girls About Friendship
8 Dangers Of Social Media We’re Not Willing To Admit
5 Ways To Recognize False Friends
What Does The Bible Actually Say About Dating?
Are You Looking For Love In The Right Places?
The 10 000+ Teenagers That Are Shaping SA’s Future! #Imagin...
3 Things To Remember When You’re In A Season Of Waiting
I Can Wash Your Feet, But Don’t Ask Me To Turn Off My Smart...
The Truth Behind Satanism, Drugs And The Occults – With Dr....
Adolescents, Belonging And Substance Abuse
“Dear Me, Before You Start High School…”

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Turn Back The Dial On Your Health
Small Group Network SA
Feelings Vs Godly Roots In Your Marriage
Advice For Another Year Of Bible Reading
11 Resolutions Everyone Should Consider Making This Year
Feelings Versus Godly Roots In Your Marriage
Should Christians Make Debt Such A Big Deal?
The importance Of Communication To Leader Effectiveness
8 Things Jesus Never Said
Names Christians Might Call Jesus If He Were Around Today


Beleef Jy ʼn Middeljare Krisis?
Seisoene Van Genade – Oordenkings Vir Jou Geloofsreis
Gevange Gehou Met Die Bybel
Verstaan Noag Se Ark
Veroorsaak God Natuurrampe?
Tuisgemaakte Sjokoladekoekies
Rut – deur ds. Hennie Pienaar
Pa’s Wat Kinders Met Selfvertroue Bou – deur Graham Yoko
Oorkom Eensaamheid
Ons Joodse wortels?


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Heinz Winckler’s Latest Single, “The Roar”, Is Out Now!
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Rick Warren: Pornography Is Poison, Only Foolish People Feed On T...
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Francis Chan: Stop Idolizing Your Family
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What Is Really Going On In Syria?
Caught Between The Bishops And The Blue Sea
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Your Thoughts, Your Future!
Voices On Israel
Amusing A Cappella Performance Of ‘Seder Night’

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