‘This Is NOT The Way Of The Cross’: Christian Leaders...
Joy And Tears As Freed Pastor Lim Tells Church Of His Sufferings
Ravi Zacharias Updates From ISIS-Ravaged Church: “ThereR...
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Dynamic Vision – Teambuilding With Excellence
Hillsong’s Brian Houston Issues Statement On Australian Same-Se...
A Guideline On The Implications Of The “OGOD” Judgment
Deadly Van Attack In Barcelona Leaves 13 Dead, 100 Injured
Archaeologists Believe They’ve Found Home Of Apostles Peter...
UCT Creates App To Help Water Users Track Water Consumption

Afrikaanse Nuus

Springbokrugbyspeler, Piere Spies , Kondig Uittrede Aan
Gewilde Uit Diep van Donker nagte weer opgevoer ter viering van R...
Rusland Se Anti-Sending-Wet Lei Meestal Tot Vervolging Van Christ...
AfriForum Sal Knysna-verslag En -Dokumentêr Vrystel
Voorganger Leer 700 Bybeltekse Uit Sy Kop Tydens Gevangenskap
‘n Riglyn Oor Die Implikasies Van Die Godsdiens-In-Skole-Sa...
Restaurant Weier Christen-paartjie Toegang Oor Anti-aborsie-Boods...
Ophef Oor Paartjie Wat Kerk In Swemklere Besoek
“Wanneer Jy Geskiedenis Begin Uitvee En Saniteer…R...
Voormalige Heks Onthul Verband Tussen Joga En Satan
Mighty Families Volg It’s Time Op In 2018!

Trending Videos

Bishop Barron On “The Case For Christ”
The Surprising Truth Hidden In Jesus’ Genealogy
Faith USA – One Vision, One Purpose
Attack With Prayer!! Christian Motivational Video – Must Wa...
Faith USA Premiers On Dish Network Channel 269
Dr. Lance Wallnau Is Invoking Isaiah 45 To Go On The Offensive Fo...
Snubbing God – An Interview With Dr. Victor Kuligin
Doctors Said Jonathan Helser (Bethel Music) Would Never Be Born
Preacher Wisely Refused A Prayer Request Of Yunnan Christians: An...
The Lord’s Prayer – Do You Know What It Means?
Marc Mero’s Emotional Mother’s Day Story

Burning Issues

A Christian Response To Legal Marijuana
Where Was Christ While ISIS Murdered Christians In Egypt?
5 Tell-Tale Signs You Might Need Deliverance
There’s A Difference Between Taking A Stand And ‘Causing Divi...
Can We Know Who Wrote The Gospels?
5 Ways You Can Grow Spiritually This Year
Compelling Historical Evidence For The Virgin Birth Of Jesus Chri...
Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
Zadok, Christian Churches And The LGBT Split
“Who Does An Atheist Thank At Thanksgiving?” – Ray ...
Where Does The Bible Say Extra-Marital Sex Is Wrong?

Women of Grace

Claudia Burger
Namibia Trip – Day One
Jenny-May Hudson
Breaking Generational Chains
Rose Roode
God’s Promises Prevail
Bernadette Chiponda
Strategically Positioned
Audrey Hardy
Let Go!
Dr Martie Lancellas
Embracing The Paradoxical
Michelle Du Toit
A Mandate For Women
Olga Meshoe
God Is The Author Of Women Empowerment
Jennifer Emedi
Belinda Spannenberg
Honour Releases Glory
Ps Janine Bagg
Let’s Just Get Along
Ps Lillian Van Der Westhuizen
I Can’t, But God Can!
Wanda Bam
My Tuin Kan Praat
Ella Kritzinger
Wat Is Jou Motto?
Ilse Kleyn
Ons Abba
Charmaine Boshoff
Smeer Die Botter Tot Op Die Korsies
Rina Kinnear
Vrou Jou Skoonheid Moet Christus Uitbeeld

Words of Wisdom & Leadership

Andrew Bradley
Having The Right Blend
Brett Johnson
Who Wants A Balanced Life?
Unashamedly Ethical
Putting God First
Zoltan Erdey
Currency Debasement And Dilution
Ivin Viljoen
Why Every Pastor Should Have A Podcast
Ken Costa
Fear Can Hold You Back
Matthias Roberg
Power Of Relationships
Pearl Kupe
A Fight For Land
Dr. Berin Gilfillan
Creating A Godly Work Environment In Your Business
Ps Brad Espin
A Man After God’s Own Heart
Leon Du Preez
The Dimension Of “Kratos”
Tshalo Katshunga
Think About Your Christian Humanity
Nicky vd Westhuizen
Chosen And Anointed
Dr Darrin Erskine
Leading Faith
Ps Allan Walter Africa
Living With The Patience To Wait For The Vision
Jan Curtin
Task Incomplete
André Bronkhorst
Walking With God – Part 1


Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – August JOY! Article
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Grant & Theunisina Neyt – August JOY! Article
Bringing The Gospel To The Next Generation
Greg Cupido
Testimony + Song Clip No. 1.
Edward Ackerman
There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus
Alta Strauss
E-mail Alta Strauss
Hein Strauss
E-mail Hein Strauss
Herman Snell
E-mail Herman Snell
Pierre Oosthuizen
E-mail Pierre Oosthuizen
Rose-Ann Armoogam
E-mail Rose-Ann Armoogam
Joshua Baker
E-mail Joshua Baker
Francois De Jager
E-mail Francois De Jager
Etienne & Rosanne De Lange
E-mail Etienne & Rosanne De Lange
Will You Help Us Reach All Children With This Message
Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – July JOY! Article
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Grant & Theunisina Neyt – July JOY! Article
How To Lead A Child To The Lord: A Step-By-Step Guide

Youth & Young Adults

Why Are So Many Millennials Living With Their Parents Instead Of ...
What Is The Most Important Story In The Bible?
#Imagine2017 – Only A Few Days To The Most Epic Youth Event...
What Moms Need To Tell Middle School Girls About Friendship
8 Dangers Of Social Media We’re Not Willing To Admit
5 Ways To Recognize False Friends
What Does The Bible Actually Say About Dating?
Are You Looking For Love In The Right Places?
The 10 000+ Teenagers That Are Shaping SA’s Future! #Imagin...
3 Things To Remember When You’re In A Season Of Waiting
I Can Wash Your Feet, But Don’t Ask Me To Turn Off My Smart...

Everyday Life Articles

Honour In Marriage
How To Communicate Your Needs
5 Things To Tell Your Husband This Father’s Day
Kay Warren: ‘We Were In Marital Hell’
Light The Right Fire
What Is Ascension Day?
Parenting? There’s An App For That
A Prayer For Moms On Mother’s Day
5 Things Moms Want For Mother’s Day (But Probably Won’...
Give Yourself A 48 Hour Pause
Interview With Women’s Author Esther Fleece


Here Jesus Die Naam Bo Alle Name
Hoe Om Christelike Karakter Te Bou
Die Magtige Wonderlike Komende Herlewing
Jesus Sal Jou Nooit Verlaat Of In Die Steek Laat Nie
Die Bybel In ʼn Neutedop – Spreuke deel 2
Die Bybel In ʼn Neutedop – Spreuke Deel 1
Die Krag En Doel Van Die Huwelik
Beleef Jy ʼn Middeljare Krisis?
Seisoene Van Genade – Oordenkings Vir Jou Geloofsreis


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Victory Gospel Music Awards 2016
Heinz Winckler’s Latest Single, “The Roar”, Is Out Now!

Golfing For JOY!

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The GolfLab
JB Kruger

Voices of Today

Bill Hybels
The Bias Toward Action – Bill Hybels – 2017 GLS Facul...
A Manifesto For The Persecuted Church
Francis Chan
If You Think a Loving God Wouldn’t Judge, Have You Read the Bib...
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20 Ways To Make Every Day Better
Bobbie Houston
Stay The Path
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Do You Believe In Miracles
The GAFCON Vision In Action
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Looking Outwards With The Gospel
Daniel Kolenda
Many Challenges and Great Victories – Daloa, Ivory Coast
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It’s Time To Blow The Shofar!
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Still Single? Ask These Questions Before You Say ‘I Do̵...
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Rick Warren: Pornography Is Poison, Only Foolish People Feed On T...
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Francis Chan: Stop Idolizing Your Family
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What Is Really Going On In Syria?
Movie Reviews
La La Land
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Can Anything Solve The Crisis In South Sudan?
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The ‘Jewish Roots’ Movement And Its Mistakes…

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