The Historic Moment Of Wednesday’s Debate Liberal Mainstream Me...
Iraqi Forces Steamrolling Into Mosul Faster Than Expected
Turkish Air Raid Kills Up To 200 Kurdish Fighters In Syria Raid
Billy Graham Issues STUNNING Statement On Donald Trump
Israel Suspends Cooperation With UNESCO
Ramaphosa: Students Raising Critical Issue For Future Of SA
New Universe Research Confirms Biblical Teaching On Astronomy
Evangelical Church Launches ‘Love’ Campaign To Counte...
Satanists’ Plans To Invade Schools With Demonic Agenda Fail
It’s Official – The UN Denies Jewish Ties To Jerusalem’s We...
State Investigating Allegations Of Voter Fraud In Texas

Afrikaanse Nuus

Kruiwa Vol Kruideniersware Help Kinders Wat Wil Studeer
Dank die Here Vir Die Reën In Die Vrystaat!
Gevange Gehou En Gemartel In ‘n Skeepsvraghouer, Maar Jesus...
Pastoor Bid Vir Dowe Moslem By Lughawe
Thuli Madonsela Aanvaar Leerstoel By US
YWAM-Sendeling In Hande Van Gewapende Mans
Boete Vir Spaanse Kerk Oor Luide Kerkklokke!
Irakse Christene Vier Fees Na Dorp Van ISIS Bevry Word
Afriforum En Paul O’Sullivan Lê Korrupsie Bloot
Priester Doen Iets Besonders Met R3 Miljoen-Prysgeld

Trending Videos

They Put A Dog Inside His Jail Cell And Started Filming
Amazing Dad Helping His Disabled Son
Cosmic Web
Refugee Team Seeks More Than Olympic Glory
National Prayer Day 31July 2016 – SA Back To God
JOY! Local Holiday Cruises
Kid With Dwarfism Has An Outlook On Life We Could All Learn From!
Bear Grylls Talks About His Family
Kidnapped Boy Sang Gospel Song Until Abductor Set Him Free
The Barber Shop spiritual Story – ‘God Does Not Exist...
God’s Not Dead 2 Trailer

Burning Issues

‘Maropeng: Cradle Of Humankind’ Claim By WITS Palaeon...
A Biblical Response To Halloween
Why Christians Absolutely Should Not Celebrate Halloween
Four Types Of Churches That Will Soon Die
Why Atheism-Evolutionism Does Not Convince
Can Christians Redeem Pagan Holidays Such As Halloween?
Should Christians Evangelise Muslim Refugees?
Lord Of The Rings Actor Speaks Out On Pedophilia In Hollywood
Is Secular Music OK For Christians?
Did Jesus Ever Say Anything About Hell?
How To Pray For Our Leaders

Voices of Today

Jentezen Franklin
Join the Fasting Movement
Peter Hammond
Missionary Murdered In Malawi
Chris Sugden
Dialogue With Extremists – What Are The Boundaries?
J. Lee Grady
Ten Things I Wished I’d Known When I Was 30
Rick Warren
Helping Teenagers Live Out God’s Purposes
Priscilla Shirer
The Perfection Of Imperfection
Louie Giglio
“I AM”
Errol Naidoo
Blasphemy Is Not Free Speech!
Caroline Leaf
Your Thoughts, Your Future!
Voices On Israel
Amusing A Cappella Performance Of ‘Seder Night’
Johnathan Macris
The Gospel Is All About The Nations, Right?
Joyce Meyer
How The Holy Spirit Helps You Defeat Your Goliaths
Bill Winston
Supernatural Increase Itinerary
John Piper
Why I Talk About Money And Materialism
The Persecuted Church
2016 World Watch List: Some Global Trends In Persecution
R. T. Kendall
Do You Really Want Wisdom?
T.D. Jakes
T.D. Jakes Shares Fears, Hope For The Future

Youth & Young Adults

8 Dangers Of Social Media We’re Not Willing To Admit
5 Ways To Recognize False Friends
What Does The Bible Actually Say About Dating?
Are You Looking For Love In The Right Places?
The 10 000+ Teenagers That Are Shaping SA’s Future! #Imagin...
3 Things To Remember When You’re In A Season Of Waiting
I Can Wash Your Feet, But Don’t Ask Me To Turn Off My Smart...
The Truth Behind Satanism, Drugs And The Occults – With Dr....
Adolescents, Belonging And Substance Abuse
“Dear Me, Before You Start High School…”
Finding Friends


Heinz Winckler’s Latest Single, “The Roar”, Is Out Now!
Watch Hillsong United Perform ‘Oceans’ On The Actual Sea Of G...
An Open Letter To Worship Leaders: Stop Trying To Be ‘Cool&...
The Heresy Of Worshiptainment
Five Minutes With Hilton Greig
Fiftyloop Top Ten Chart – June
Songs For Now
Cape Town Couple Launches An Online Digital Music Store
Steven Curtis Chapman Debuts First Worship Album In His 29-Year C...
Worshipping Through A Crisis
The Three Purposes Of Worship Ministry


Die Bybel in ʼn Neutedop
Die Bybel In ʼn Neutedop – Psalms
Dag Tot Dag
Die Evangelies van Matteus, Markus, Lukas en Johannes
Die Grootste Boek Van Alle Tye
Vir Die Manne
Liefde En Seks
Dag Tot Dag
Kom Terug Na My Toe
Die Bybel in ʼn Neutedop
Die Bybel In ʼn Neutedop – Job
Vir Die Dames
Die Hart Van Die Evangelie
Vir Die Manne
Jesus Reinig Ons Volkome – deur Angus Buchan
Vir Die Dames
Wanneer Christene In Die Huwelik Baklei – deur Gretha Wiid
Vir Die Dames
Help! Ek Is Skynheilig
Vir Die Dames
Oorkom Eensaamheid
Vir Die Manne
Herlewing In die Sakewéreld
Die Bybel in ʼn Neutedop
Die Bybel In ‘n Neutedop – Esra
Dag Tot Dag
Die Seën Van Grootouers
God, Die Regering En Die Tien Gebooie
Dag Tot Dag
Die Bybelse Betekenis Van Voetewas

Everyday Life Articles

Ten Reasons Why Christians Should Not Celebrate Halloween
The importance Of Communication To Leader Effectiveness
7 Things Husbands Should Stop Doing
What The World’s Top Athletes Can Teach Us About Stepping U...
8 Things Jesus Never Said
7 Things Every Parent Should Know About Pokémon GO
How Christians Can Bear Gospel Witness In An Anxious Age
Can Everyone Hear From God?
Names Christians Might Call Jesus If He Were Around Today
What Will It Take To Restore Our Land
Should Christians Make Debt Such A Big Deal?

JOY! Travel

André Rieu Tour
July 2016
JOY! Tour To Israel
26 Nov - 5 Dec 2016
Israel Tour – Lyndie McCauley
26 Nov - 5 Dec 2016
Single’s Cruise
February 2017
Alaska Cruise
May 2017
Biblical Cruise
August 2017
Israel & Jordan
October 2017
JOY! Travel Club
Various dates -

Women of Grace

Belinda Spannenberg
Make The Shift
Tamryn Klintworth
Inspiring A Nation
Pearl Kupe
Approved And Validated By God
Ps Janine Bagg
God’s Blueprint For Women
Jenny-May Hudson
Love Is Who You Really Are
Aldyth Tomson
How Valuable Is My Ordinary Life?
Ps Lillian Van Der Westhuizen
Helping Your Children Have A Vision
Rose Roode
God Adventures
Ps Jo Swart
He Calls Me ‘Mammie’
Dr Martie Lancellas
Transformational Leadership
Maditshaba Moloko
What Do You Need To Be Able To Say “I Am Satisfied”?
Fiona Des Fontaine
Finding Freedom


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