Burning Issues

Five Practical Tips To Quit Drinking
What Is The Biblical View On Genetically Modified Food (GMO)?
What If God Calls Me To Do Something That I Don’t Want To Do?
What The Church Gets Wrong About Singleness And Marriage
How Did The Waters Of Noah’s Flood Drain Off The Continents?
Just A Minute: What Is Truth?
Can You Love Jesus And Reject His Word?
How To Stay Married When You’re Stuck Between Needy Teens And A...
How To Share The Undiluted Gospel With An LGBT Person
If We Can Worship Anywhere, Why Go To Church?
Pastor Tim Keller Offers Advice To Christians On Reaching Skeptic...

Everyday Life Articles

10 Reasons People Leave Local Churches For House Churches
Odos – Sunday School & Children’s Church Material
10 Keys To Obtaining The Favor Of God
John Piper: The Good News About Why We Just Keep Sinning
7 Shocking Facts About How Early Christians Worshipped
Our Heritage In Christ
Overcoming The Discouraging Situation Of Unemployment
Fluoride Harmful Or Helpful?
Kingdom Prayer Life
The Most Significant Cause
Advice For Christian Parents As Stats Say Phones Cause Daily Argu...

JOY! Travel

October Israel Tour
10 - 18 Oct 2018
Local Christian Cruise
12 - 16 Nov 2018
Marriage, Family & Jazz Cruise
18 – 22 March 2019
April Israel Tour
April 2019
Baltic Russia Cruise
9-19 May 2019
Super Savings Israel Tour
15-23 June 2019
André Rieu Tour
6 - 14 July 2019
Greek Bible Cruise
16-26 August 2019
September Israel Tour
21-29 Sept 2019
2nd Timer Israel Tour
30 Oct – 9 Nov 2019
Alaska Cruise

Afrikaanse Nuus

Groep Oorleef Wonderbaarlik In Kerk Te Midde Van Vlammehel
Jodehaat in Duitsland Neem Steeds Toe
Fees in Angola: Nuwe Testament gepubliseer in Kikongo
Ergste Ebola-Uitbraak In DRK Se Geskiedenis
Verandering Is Pynlik – Maar Onvermydelik!
Rolprent Oor Bybel Se Rol In WWI Té Godsdienstig Vir Britse Teat...
Humaniste In Engeland Wil Christelike Liefdadigheidswerk Kortwiek
Help SAPD Om Verdagtes In Hillsong-kerkroof Vas Te Trek: Rowers O...
Rick Warren Sal Na ‘N Noodoperasie Herstel Word
Sweedse Skip Seil Om Israel Te Seën En Lot Van Christene In Midd...
Duisende Kom In Nigerië Na Christus Ten Spyte Van Islamitiese Te...


Soekende, Honger Mense
Praat Die Kerk Die Taal Van Babilon?
Om ‘Nee Te Sê Is Om ‘Ja’ Te Sê
Leer Jou Kind Om Te Sê: “Nee!”
Die Islamitisering Van Die Weste
Die Hemelse Agenda
Die Groot Opdrag
Breinkaping – Hoe Pornografie Werk
Talina Slaan Vir Andreas Met ʼn Bybel
Fluoried Misleiding En Omstredenheid

Trending Videos

Francis Chan: Why Just Reading The Bible Is Better Than Any Sermo...
Francis Chan: What John’s Letter To The Modern Church Might...
Life Or Death – What Will You Choose?
Dr Myles Munroe Singing Brand New World In South Africa
Robert Morris: ‘Your Behavior Determines How You Spend Eter...
Married Duo Combines Two Songs For One Breathtaking Performance
Jewish Scientist Makes The Greatest Jewish Discovery
KFC Founder Shares How Jesus Saved Him
Powerful Testimony Of God Turning A Life Around
Nicky Gumbel On The Most Important Message In The World
Jesus Christ – Heaven – Must See

Women of Grace

Letters From Jen
Heaven Touching Earth
Letters From Jen
Gifts That Enrich
Letters From Jen
Show Me The Power
Letters From Jen
Knowing The Person of The Holy Spirit
Letters From Jen
Speaking In Tongues | Spiritual Gifts
Jenny-May Hudson
Love Is The Action. Love Is The Power. Love Is Who You Really Are...
Audrey Hardy
‘The Pastor’s Wife’
Pearl Kupe
Unity Is Key!
Bernadette Chiponda
Purpose Driven Prayer
Ella Kritzinger
God-Idees Of Goeie Idees?
Rina Kinnear
Die Here Se Weë Is Nie Ons Weë Nie
Esté Geldenhuys
Is Daar ’N Verskil Tussen Gebed En Gesprek?
Dr. Michelle van Tonder
Vind Jou Waarde In Christus
Charmaine Boshoff
Haal Asem
Erdine du Toit
Die Erfenis Van ’N 90-Jarige Dogter Van God
Letters From Jen
A New Thing
Jenny-May Hudson
“The Child Least Deserving Of Your Love, Needs It Most”

Words of Wisdom & Leadership

Siva Moodley
My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit Part 7
Rainer Boshoff
Access Denied
Gerrie Bester
The Symbolism Of Rahab’s Scarlet Cord
Zoltan Erdey
The Value Of Gold & Silver Biblical Times VS Today
Brett Johnson
Ask God For Big Things It Brings Him The Glory He Deserves
Gerrie Bester
Ragab Se Skarlakenhoop
Pastoor Gordon Claasen
Weer Tyd Vir Hervorming
Basie Basson
Wat Het Van Al Die Dinosourusse Geword?
Ron Kinnear
Die Gawe Van Onderskeiding
Rudi Briel
Die Hart Van ’N Goeie Herder
Gerrie Bester
The Biblical Meaning Of The Word Hope
Zoltan Erdey
God’s Protection In Times Of Trouble
Brett Johnson
Scriptural Ways To Avoid Business Dips
Siva Moodley
My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit Part 6
Leon Du Preez
The Kingly Anointing
Rainer Boshoff
Your Story Has Power To Influence & Impact Others
Gerrie Bester
Sketse Van Ware Hoop


Tamryn Klintworth
His Blood, My Faith
Robbie Cairncross
There Must Be Something More
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Christ’s Heart Breaks For The Lost
Gebhardt Berndt
Understanding Who Abba Is
Tamryn Klintworth
Dramatic Deliverances And Mighty Testimonies
Gebhardt Berndt
Feeling Out Of Touch With God?
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Where Would We Be Without Christ?
Robbie Cairncross
Whole Town Revivals
Gebhardt Berndt
Tamryn Klintworth
With Your Help, Africa Is Being Saved!
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Thank You To Prayer Partners
Pierre Oosthuizen
Faith, Vision, And Obedience
Gebhardt Berndt
How Is Your Soul?
Tamryn Klintworth
Please Pray As We Share The Gospel
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Pentecostal Power
Pierre Oosthuizen
Purpose, Seasons, & The Favour Of God
Gebhardt Berndt
How Is Your Soul?

Youth & Young Adults

After Matric – What’s Next?
7 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time Looking At Your Phone
Why Are So Many Millennials Living With Their Parents Instead Of ...
What Is The Most Important Story In The Bible?
#Imagine2017 – Only A Few Days To The Most Epic Youth Event...
What Moms Need To Tell Middle School Girls About Friendship
8 Dangers Of Social Media We’re Not Willing To Admit
5 Ways To Recognize False Friends
What Does The Bible Actually Say About Dating?
Are You Looking For Love In The Right Places?
The 10 000+ Teenagers That Are Shaping SA’s Future! #Imagin...


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Nigerian Gospel Rendition – All Over To You, Panam Percy Paul
Country Artists Gather For Beautiful Rendition Of ‘Why Me Lord...
Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ Turns Into A Beautiful Christian Son...
If Camila’s Havana Was A Christian Song
World Of Worship – Portraying The Perfect Love Of Jesus
How One Of The Most Famous Christian Songs Of All Time Made It To...
Love Is Calling Gracepoint Worship Music Launch Debut EP
Heinz Winckler – Let It Rain (A Nations Prayer)
Behold: The New Shofarband Album
Local Hip Hop Band Living For Christ
Watch Selena Gomez Lead Worship At Hillsong And Talk About Her Re...

Golfing For JOY!

Danny Willett
Jordan Spieth
Bubba Watson
Dean Burmester
Andrew Georgiou
Christiaan Basson
Kenneth Revie
Charl Coetzee
Zach Johnson
The GolfLab
JB Kruger

Voices of Today

Daniel Kolenda
The Way Up Is Down
GAFCON Chairman’s Letter
Chris Sugden
Iraq: Believers Survive And Thrive
Chris Sugden
GAFCON Chairman’s Letter – October 2018
Gafcon’s “Letter To The Churches” Encapsulates ...
Lisa Bevere
The Prophetic Package That Led Lisa Bevere To ‘Adamant̵...
Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer Explains The Power Of A Renewed Mind
John Bevere
What Will Deceive Christians In The Last Days
Chris Sugden
What Can We Learn From The Oxfam Scandal?
John Piper
“Before You Believed, You Belonged”
John Piper
What’s Wrong With Dressing Immodestly For Attention?
Chris Sugden
Bishop Happy “To Be A Useful Idiot For Christ”
Joyce Meyer
How To Conquer Your Sin Problem
March 2018 Chairman’s Letter
John Bevere
What Will Deceive Christians In The Last Days
John Piper
Why ‘Falling Out of Love’ Never Justifies Divorce

Have Your Say: Reader's Section

Spreading Your Wings
Rock Of My Soul (At First Glance)
I Will Write Something
Laslappie Hart
Can All Religions Be True?
In All Things Give Thanks
The Pulpit Versus The Bible
Breathing Shards Of Glass
Who Do You Believe In, Who Do You Breathe In?
A Gift