Returning To The Bible, Poland Reclaims Sunday As A Day Of Rest
Strange Discovery In Jesus Statue
Pagan Goddess Of War Statue Unveiled At United Nations
Homemade Bomb Aimed At Christian Guesthouse Misses Target
Disney’s Descent Into Indecency Continues…
New Bill Seeks To Give Women More Choices Before Opting To Termin...
Palestinians Switch Off Christmas Lights In Bethlehem In Anti-Tru...
Evangelical Christian Families In Eritrea Are Being Arrested, Eve...
First Person From Africa To Receive Groundbreaking Cancer Treatme...
MPs Call For Franklin Graham To Be Banned From UK Ahead Of Blackp...
Evangelists And Zionists Praise President Trump At White House Ha...

Afrikaanse Nuus

Pous Francis Versoek Dat Die Onse Vader Verander Moet Word
Rooi Kruis In België Moet Ikoniese Kruise Verwyder Om Nie Aansto...
Britse Christene spreek Kritiek Uit Oor Transgenderkinderboeke
Desperate Situasie In Yemen Benodig Voorbidding
Josua 1:9 Is Die Meeste Met Ander Gedeel In 2017
For SA Samel R1 miljoen In Om Pakslae-Beslissing Teen Te Staan
Palestyne Verbied Kersliggies In Bethlehem Weens Trump Se Besluit
Voorgestelde Wetsontwerp Vir Berading Voor Aborsie
Disney Se Verval Gaan Voort …
Israel is God Se Stophorlosie
Selfs Christen-Kinders Word Nou In Eritrea In Hegtenis Geneem

Trending Videos

Trump Ends War On Christmas With Biblical Speech
Carl Lentz With Oprah Winfrey On Super Soul Sunday
The Sound & Visions of Silence
Blood Lions – A Call To Stop Canned Lion Hunting
InContext Visit To Lebanon
Protesters Against Farm Murders Gather In Green Point
The Most Unbelievable Sukkah, Ever!
Bishop Barron On “The Case For Christ”
The Surprising Truth Hidden In Jesus’ Genealogy
Faith USA – One Vision, One Purpose
Attack With Prayer!! Christian Motivational Video – Must Wa...

Burning Issues

Does The Bible Condemn Christmas Trees?
R.T. Kendall: Why The King James Version Has Led Many Christians ...
Does Satan Have The Power To Control The Weather?
Porn Is A Silent Killer
Transactivism Is Hurting Your Children
Things Are Changing In China This Year
Natural Disasters Is God In Control?
What Is The Meaning Of 666?
How, Why, And When Did Satan Fall From Heaven?
A Christian Response To Legal Marijuana
Where Was Christ While ISIS Murdered Christians In Egypt?

Women of Grace

Michelle Du Toit
Who Do You Say Jesus Is?
Ps Lillian Van Der Westhuizen
Stir Up The Gifts Within You!
Olga Meshoe
Do You Feel Unnoticed And Unappreciated?
Ps Janine Bagg
Are You Overflowing With Joy?
Dr Martie Lancellas
Trust In Me – Your Life And Career GPS
Natalie Danster-Abrahams
A Woman After God’s Own Heart
Bernadette Chiponda
Healing In His Wings
Jennifer Emedi
God’s Woman of great worth
Jenny-May Hudson
A Humble Manger
Audrey Hardy
Come, Follow Me!
Belinda Spannenberg
2018 Year Of The Destiny Door
Wanda Bam
Die Kersfees Van Gister
Ella Kritzinger
’N Kalender Met ’N Verskil
Ilse Kleyn
Die Boogskutter
Charmaine Boshoff
Sáám Kan Julle ’N Boeing Vlieg
Rina Kinnear
Immanuel, God Met Ons
Erdine du Toit
’N Belofte Van Die Lewende God

Words of Wisdom & Leadership

Siva Moodley
Biblical Requirements For Healing – Part 1
Unashamedly Ethical
Do You Lack Integrity?
Zoltan Erdey
Is Investing In Silver Shrewd?
Gerrie Bester
What Does The Word Of Abba Father Teach Us About Time Management?...
Pearl Kupe
The Dynamics Of Stewardship Continued
Matthias Roberg
Are You Satisfied That Your Team Is Executing The Plan?
Brett Johnson
Tents-For-Ministry, Or Tents-As-Ministry?
Nicky vd Westhuizen
Gifts To The King
Dr Darrin Erskine
Stop Worrying!
Gebhardt Berndt
Faith Is Now
André Bronkhorst
Walking With God – Conclusion
Jan Curtin
Leon Du Preez
Today Is A Result Of Yesterday’s Words
Tshalo Katshunga
True Greatness
Gerrie Bester
Wat Leer Die Woord Van Abba Vader Ons Oor Tydsbestuur? – Deel 2
Francois Engelbrecht
Hemelse Hofsake
Jack Martin
Gee Die Pyn Vir Jesus


Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – December JOY! Article
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Grant & Theunisina Neyt – December JOY! Article
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Grant and Theunisina Neyt – November JOY! Article
Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – November JOY! Article
Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – October JOY! Article
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Grant & Theunisina Neyt – October JOY! Article
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Hein Strauss
E-mail Hein Strauss
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Joshua Baker
E-mail Joshua Baker
Francois De Jager
E-mail Francois De Jager
Etienne & Rosanne De Lange
E-mail Etienne & Rosanne De Lange
Edward Ackerman
There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus
Greg Cupido
Testimony + Song Clip No. 1.
Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – September JOY! Article

Youth & Young Adults

After Matric – What’s Next?
7 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time Looking At Your Phone
Why Are So Many Millennials Living With Their Parents Instead Of ...
What Is The Most Important Story In The Bible?
#Imagine2017 – Only A Few Days To The Most Epic Youth Event...
What Moms Need To Tell Middle School Girls About Friendship
8 Dangers Of Social Media We’re Not Willing To Admit
5 Ways To Recognize False Friends
What Does The Bible Actually Say About Dating?
Are You Looking For Love In The Right Places?
The 10 000+ Teenagers That Are Shaping SA’s Future! #Imagin...

Everyday Life Articles

A Gift You Can Open Again And Again
God Promotion VS Self-Promotion — Hannah Viviers
Praying the Lord’s Prayer — Angus Buchan
100 Things To Do In France
How To Build Your Spouse’s Self-Confidence
Blessed In The Darkness
Before You Tie The Knot
8 Incredible Gap Years For 2018!
The Most Beautiful Wedding Venue – The Devon Valley Hotel
The Making Of A Shofar!
A Guide To Building A Strong Immune System


Staan Ek In My Eie Pad?
Wat Gaan Verlore Met Afskaffing Van Afrikaans As Tersiêre Onderr...
5 Goed Om Te Gryp As Dit BRAND!
Die Skattejagbybel – Studiebybel Vir Kinders
Wie Ondergrawe Die Fondament Van Die Kerk?
Vra Jou Vrae
Valse Trots
Hou Aan Groei!
Haweloses Is Ook Mense
Gesag Is ’n ‘Toebroodjie’-woord


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Love Is Calling Gracepoint Worship Music Launch Debut EP
Heinz Winckler – Let It Rain (A Nations Prayer)
Behold: The New Shofarband Album
Local Hip Hop Band Living For Christ
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Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists
Chance The Rapper Turns Grammys Into A Worship Service Singing &#...
Worship Artist Darlene Zschech Credits Psalm 91 With Miraculous C...
‘American Idol’ Finalist Chris Sligh Releases New Single
Dr Tumi In Clean Sweep At SABC Crown Gospel Awards
I Surrender – by Pieter Coffee

Golfing For JOY!

Danny Willett
Jordan Spieth
Bubba Watson
Dean Burmester
Andrew Georgiou
Christiaan Basson
Kenneth Revie
Charl Coetzee
Zach Johnson
The GolfLab
JB Kruger

Voices of Today

Revolution: Is South Africa Next?
Chris Sugden
‘Lost Boy Of Sudan’: A Rebel And Now A Bishop
Chris Sugden
‘Lost Boy Of Sudan’: A Rebel And Now A Bishop
Is GAFCON Divisive?
Peter Hammond
Giving Thanks In All Circumstances
Peter Hammond
The Greatest Missionary Is The Bible
GAFCON: Chairman’s September 2017 Letter
Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer: The Secret Reason Your Prayers Lack Power
J. Lee Grady
Dear Friends of the Mordecai Project
Peter Hammond
Racism – Rhetoric and Reality
Peter Hammond
But Doesn’t God Love Everyone Equally?
J. Lee Grady
Tearing Down Our Monuments to Racism
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Why Patriarchy Is The Best Solution For Happy Families And Societ...
When Cows Became Horses
The Mythical Middle
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Why Synod’s Decision On ‘Therapy’ Is UnAnglican
Chris Sugden
“A Prophet Now Without Honour” – What The Anglican Comm...

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