Written by: Teodor Birsa
Article source: jooble.org

When you are young, the world seems filled with endless exciting employment opportunities, and in most cases, this impression is actually true. The raw energy and enthusiasm of youth, as well as the relative carelessness and freedom that come with it, make it easier to undertake new roles or projects without giving them much thought, and with a decent chance of becoming great at them.

However, the same endlessness in variety and the sheer number of vacancies can quickly become overwhelming or confusing, even leading to states of general anxiety and indecisiveness. A simple Jooble search for “student work” generates over 750 thousand vacancies – this is a lot to think about and sort through, even for a more experienced candidate.

So how can you know, which job opportunities and industries are right for you? Furthermore, which are more likely to earn you a decent income and empower your career growth in the future? With these important questions in mind, we have created the following list with the best types of job opportunities for young people:

  1. Volunteer work. Volunteering certainly has its advantages – you can pick almost any industry or type of business, and you will surely find volunteer work related to it. But while it is a great way of gaining experience for free and building connections in the community, the main disadvantage of volunteer work is that it does not provide you with income.
  2. This sector has been a traditional choice for the youth for quite some time now, mostly thanks to its accessibility and relatively low hiring requirements. Popular job roles include sales assistant, sales consultant, and sales associate. Please do keep in mind, that entry-level jobs in retail are some of the worst paid from this list. However, if you pick a retail sub-category that you are particularly passionate about, learn your products well and work hard on guest relations – chances are that later on, you will start getting promoted and go up the career ladder, reaching management roles much faster than in other industries.
  3. Maintenance Workers / Technicians. Even though this type of job is harder and more physically demanding, it usually pays better and has fewer work hours. If you tend to be more interested in things rather than people and do not enjoy communicating a lot, then a technical role is the perfect fit for you. Needless to say, your hands-on experience will help you become more self-sufficient in life.
  4. Jobs in HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) are notoriously attractive for the youth. Entry-level positions in hospitality do not require a lot (if any) previous experience, since new employees usually get in-house training. Plus, most companies provide uniforms, tools, meals, discounts and other incentives. Regardless of your exact role – receptionist, waiter, porter etc., a job in this industry will help you learn about guest service and, most importantly, guest relations. On the downside, jobs in HoReCa tend to have longer hours and lower salaries (since it is expected that you will be getting tips).
  5. E-Commerce is a rapidly growing industry that generates millions of jobs worldwide. Much like hospitality, getting into e-commerce is relatively easy, thanks to the sheer variety of roles – from warehouse workers to delivery agents to customer care specialists. No matter your background or skillset, e-commerce has a job for you, while successful e-commerce platforms offer hefty pay checks as well.
  6. The fact that this industry appeals to the youth needs no explanation – young people want to have fun, while making money as well. The job variety in and of itself, excludes boredom – artists, hosts, MCs, audio/video specialists, writers, advertisers – you name it. But besides being fun, the industry is known to be less stable and more unpredictable, which can make career planning and development quite challenging.
  7. Even though jobs in education might seem underpaid at first glance, the chances to build a successful career totally make up for it. You can start off slowly, with coaching or training, then work on a strong resume and educate yourself to become a highly specialized instructor, or maybe even a college professor!
  8. While science is not the most obvious choice for young people looking for employment, bear with us. Yes, there will be lower pay and longer hours in the beginning. But after several years of hard work, the investment will start paying off. Scientists are among the most respected people on the planet, who contribute to humanity’s drive forward on a daily basis – what can be more prestigious and rewarding? Modern science has thousands of domains and categories – you are sure to find something that you feel enthusiastic about.
  9. As long as there are people living on the planet, the demand for healthcare will be there as well. If you decide to become a healthcare professional, you will always find employment quickly, anywhere in the world. In most countries, healthcare workers have middle- or high-income levels. Jobs for beginners include assistants, technicians, nurses and consultants. Plus, the salary from your first job will help you pay for medical school, which is almost mandatory if you plan on developing your career in healthcare.
  10. IT is certainly the go-to industry for the youth. The fast-paced development of IT entails considerable income and very good job security – great IT specialists will never find themselves without a job. The traditional entry-level jobs in this sector include IT technician, web developer, help desk technician and system administrator.

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