Luke Wilson, Patria Training Centre Staff

Do I have what it takes?

What is the purpose of the Church?

How do I show and share with others what God has put inside me?

How can I be a better leader?

These were a few of the questions I had before doing Year of Training. I was hungry for a relationship with God that affected more than just myself.

Year of Training is a year-long course focussed on answering these questions along with many others. At the heart of the course beats a desire to see people grow in godly character that reflects Christ and makes an impact wherever they go.



Through Year of Training, God showed me that I can glorify Him through His order and excellence in every area of my life. By showing me in His Word who I am, He showed me a life of purpose; how to reason from a group, not myself; how to apply leadership skills I learnt; how to work together in a team and lead teams of various sizes.

God has transformed my way of thinking and of living for Him. Are you ready to step out into what God has for YOU?

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