Dear Principal or Youth Leader

Over the last 20 years there has been a great increase in exposure of children to pornography and pornography addiction in schools. Children as young as 10 are being exposed to hard core porn on the internet. Porn is fuelling teenagers’ desires to be sexually active, with many becoming pregnant and dropping out of school. Another harmful effect of porn is that boys no longer have respect for girls and view them as a sexual objects. This can lead to boys raping girls, even on school premises. This year an 8-year-old girl in Limpopo was raped on the school premises.

Now children are not only viewing porn, they are making their own in the form of taking sexually explicit pictures of themselves and sending it to their friends on social media (this has been called ‘sexting’). 

Jesse had sent nude pictures of herself to a boyfriend. When they broke up, he sent them to other high school girls. The girls were harassing her, calling her a slut and a whore. She was miserable and depressed, afraid even to go to school. Then Jesse Logan decided to go on a Cincinnati television station to tell her story. Her purpose was simple: “I just want to make sure no one else will have to go through this again.” Two months later, Jessica Logan hanged herself in her bedroom. She was 18.

The current Life Skills Curriculum does not adequately address the issue of pornography addiction, or human trafficking.

I have spoken at 14 schools in various provinces this year.

We offer these presentations for free.

The two presentations that I have available are:

1. Traffick Proof (how not to be tricked into being trafficked)

2. Fight the New Drug (pornography addiction)

The length of the presentation is flexible depending on where and to whom you would like me to give it – 20 minutes to 1 hour long. The presentations are interactive, and I use PowerPoint, with short videos. 

The Traffick Proof presentation describes how to avoid being tricked and trafficked/kidnapped.

Fight the New Drug presentation – how pornography addiction is like a drug in the way that it affects your brain (science behind the harmful effects of addiction on the brain is shown, no inappropriate pictures!). Most importantly, I teach them how to protect themselves.

Abrie Lourens can share his personal story of how he got free from pornography and how he is now taking action to against the harmful effects of pornography in society.

Please feel free to contact me on this email or phone number below to arrange a possible date to come to your school or youth group.

Taryn Hodgson
Fight the New Drug SA

Tel: 021-689 4480

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