Crown Gospel Award winning, passionate songwriter, singer, recording artist, dance choreographer, Jolene Joseph, known as Jjo, was 15 years old when she started singing at her local church. But she loved music & dance all her life. At the tender age of 6 she used to sing & dance for her family. She remembers as a teenager loving music so much that she would go to sleep with headphones on listening  to the radio. She remembers not sleeping  without music in her ear.

As a singer, song writer she gets lyrically inspired daily by different facets of life. Jjo says, “experience inspires me, relationships inspire me, friends & family inspire me. I write about life. I write about what I live and experience. I write about what others live & experience. I write about life’s issues.” Her debut album ‘Love with no Limits’ was inspired by really tough experiences, “So every emotion I was experiencing at that particular moment was recorded in the lyrics of my songs. I refer to my album as my story of that particular period in my life. A story of the fight of my life.”

In 2012 she was diagnosed with a stressed induced type of epilepsy called Left Lobe Temporal Epilepsy. She became so restricted and life seemed to be crashing in as she experienced  seizures at odd times and not being able to be the independent woman she once was. She was restricted from being on her own & from driving. Her children & husband were traumatized at the extent of seizures she experienced.

“I couldn’t be that once competent mother & wife I was and that broke me into a million pieces. Life had changed in a blink of an eye. I became depressed & felt distanced from the world. I drew strength daily as I began to pen my inspirations down finally understanding my purpose for my trial.” Jjo said. She also faced various challenges like, stress, depression, low self esteem etc. She begins to reflect recipes to deflect issues like these in one’s life. “I began to write about determination, courage & tenacity in life. And decided then & there that my album will be a tool to resurrect people in a dead situation. I began to express my feelings in my lyrics to bring transformation in lives with no hope,” she  added.



Jjo chose Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as the genre of music for her debut Album because she believes  it is unchartered waters in the local music scene in South Africa. “And I do love a “challenge”. And most importantly EDM is the today sound of our youthful generation and I really want to inspire hope through the medium of this genre.” Through the many years of leading in her church band, she has become a fascinating role model and connects with young people in a positive way. She has an electric, vibrant and magnetic personality. Her burst of inspiration through her wildly creative writing, hyped stage personality, coupled with funky house and electro vibes, is a winner in attracting the attention of the young generation whom she is so passionate about.

But ofcourse Jjo really wants to inspire the world with her music. She wants to use it as a tool to change mindsets & mend brokenness. And from the feedback she’s been receiving she’s been doing just that. It’s been an inspiration to children, teenagers, cancer patients, marriages etc.

She has been on several major platforms in the gospel arena inspiring her fans with her lyrical flavor of music. She also performed at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Day and shared the platform with the likes of Loyiso Bala, Neville D and Israel Houghton. Her music is currently played on East Coast Radio and Highway Radio. She performs at various youth and Women empowerment events.

“I want to take my music to communities that have no hope & inspire determination. People give up so easily today. They throw in the towel but my music speaks to the heart saying as long as there is still a beat in that heart you can do it. My forth coming albums are also inspirational because I believe there is a need for good clean positive music that can lift people out of situations. I want to inspire music of love, hope & peace. I want to impact the community using music as a tool,” she said.

She also has birthed a community campaign titled “Live Free”

Jjo’s music is tuned toward “Living & Loving Life” to the fullest, addiction free. She believes that words coupled in music are powerful tools, so her challenge is to write with emotion and purpose so that those words come alive in the hearts of her listeners in a meaningful way. Her songs have a diverse influence, from Pop to Electronic Dance/House.

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