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Hilton is the Worship pastor as well as an elder at Harvest Church in Kloof. He has a passion for the Alpha course and regularly leads courses at the church. Hilton Greig is also the front man of the SAMA nominated band, 24 Skies.

“Worship is one of our core values as a church and we believe in worshiping Jesus with everything that we have. It’s not a performance, but rather a group of people giving their best to God, be it through the music, lighting, or projections. Worship is an integral part of our weekly services and for those wanting a deeper experience, we also have termly ‘Praise Parties’ during our evening service. As a church we have recently recorded our own Worship Album, with the vision of sharing the anthems that resound in this House and to encourage and equip the local churches in our community and around the world.” We chatted with Hilton to get to know him a little better:

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
A. Well I’m a dad of 4 kids, yes, 4! Married to a beautiful lady called Giannina. I work at Kloof Harvest Church near Durban, as a pastor, and have some business interests on the side, and I love Jesus and obviously music!

Q. What sparked your interest in worship, and getting into ministry?
A. I think, like most young musicians, I wanted to be a rock star – but after attending Bible college for a couple years, God did a work in my life and I realised, the little gift He gave me was to be used to worship Him, I’m not saying you can’t be a Christian rock star, but for me, my calling was clear, to lead people in worship. 

Regarding ministry, my Dad had an amazing conversion and within years, he and my mom had left the farm life, moved to Kloof to attend Bible College, which ultimately led to the starting of a church! I was involved in the early days, as pastor’s kids do, to run the youth, little punks 🙂 and I grew to love people and had a passion to see God impact their life!

Q. So tell us about this the band 24 Skies?
A. It’s basically a bunch of friends I’ve been playing music with for years, and has become the core worship team in our church, Kloof Harvest. We dreamed of the idea of a movement, more than just a band, that carried the heart of God and explored creative production, sound, lyric, and melody, crafting songs that were both fresh musically, but simple and catchy enough for our church to sing.

Q. How did you come up with the name 24 Skies?
A. Well, it took forever! We didn’t have a name for years and every one we came up with was lame haha. We wanted something with a story. We eventually explored the idea of ‘exit 24’, which is the highway off-ramp to our church, where it all started, and we liked the openness to the word ‘skies’ and the idea of Heaven and earth colliding as one as His people worship on exit 24…..24 Skies.

Q. So tell us a bit about your debut album ‘Endless Anthem’?
A. Firstly it’s a worship album…But with a different sound. It has 11 original tracks, very easy listening, a little for everyone, young and old. We recorded it in our own studio in Kloof, South Africa, engineered by SAMA nominee Brendyn ‘Rusti’ Rossouw, then mixed by Pete Hutchings of the Rabbit Hutch Studios in London, and then we were privileged to have it mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Regarding the genre, we went with an electronic/pop/rock feel with interesting synth sounds, tasteful guitars, unusual drum patterns, and melodic vocals. 

Q . 24 Skies has been described as, “Innovative and polished pop offers a fresh take on the genre, blending electronic beats with spellbinding song craft”, tell us about that and the SAMA nomination?
A. That was humbling to read. It really is special when someone appreciates the amount of time, energy, effort, money, late nights, and even all-nighters that we poured into this project! And yes, we were very excited about being nominated for Best Contemporary Faith Album, walking on ‘the red carpet’ was quite an experience. All glory to God though, He’s the one that created this beautiful ‘thing’ called music, and gave us the ability to create.

Q. What can one expect from a 24 Skies event?
A. Not a performance but rather a passionate, pumping time of worship done with excellence, hopefully! Our desire is to see people connect with God in a powerful way, and our job is to just facilitate that time. What a privilege it has been for us to look out over congregations of different churches, youth and young adult groups, schools, conferences and see people with arms raised, faces heavenward, engaging with our songs, singing at the top of their voices, touching God’s heart!!

Q. How can one get in contact with you and follow you?
A. Thank you, that would be wonderful, join the journey with us! We have a Facebook page, search 24 Skies, we’re also on Instagram as @24skies, I’m on Instagram and Twitter as @hiltongreig. Then we have a website www.24skies.co.za and for any bookings or more info, contact Kloof Harvest Church, www.kloofharvest.co.za +27 31 7642806 or email info@24skies.co.za

Article from JOY! Magazine.

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