Worship – More Than Just A Song

– by Gerrie Bester

It was one Saturday afternoon under a tree, many years ago, that I truly met the King of kings for the very first time! This life changing day was the same day that He broke the bondage and pride of religion that had been binding me for years as a regular churchgoer. The day I met the One who knitted me together in my mother’s womb, the One I desire and long to worship. For years prior to that day, I was captured by religious chains that, still today, cause praise and worship in church to be nothing more than a few songs that we sing as part of a regular church service. That same religion causes us to go through all these deadly motions in church. I was always trying to prepare my conscience for the week that lay ahead, or I was satisfying my conscience for things in the past that so often accused me with vivid pictures of my wrong decisions. 

My life changed
There is a place where the fire of relationship with Abba Father is kindled, and worship becomes more than just another song. Words become more than the lip service of well-known songs. Words become a yearning in our hearts to meet the very One who created us, in that secret place of intimacy. The only place where we are truly healed. That sanctuary of closeness where Abba Father equips us for spiritual warfare and pours His Spirit unto us. Do you know that place? I did not. I accepted the invitation that day and I have never been the same again.

Back to basics . . .
From Genesis to Revelation, Abba Father has a heart, yearning for a believer to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). It has always been His heart for us! Maybe that is why the very picture that the Hebrew language draws of worship is so profound. Worship is honour and adoration directed to Abba Father. When songs are directed to a crowd, it is entertainment. When the target of our songs become the throne room of Abba Father, it is worship. 

The Hebrew picture of worship
The manifest presence (anointing) falls as our worship finds the heart of the Father. This picture is painted in an astonishing way as the Hebrew word for worship is “shachah”(שׁחה), which is a primitive root and literally means “to depress,” that is “to prostrate” (especially reflexively in homage to the royalty of who Abba Father is), “to bow down”, “to fall down (flat)”, “to humbly beseech”, “to (make) obeisance”, and “ do reverence”. More than a song, right? Let us understand the foundation of worship. To desire a heart like king David had.

Our latest worship CD
The purpose of our cd – Come away with ME, is to soak in the presence of our King and find rest and healing in the shadow of His wings. Finding that secret place of intimacy that we are all invited to. Will you come away with your King?

JOY! Magazine (April 2018)

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