Winning The Battle As Well As The War

– by Tendai Chitsike

This new year will likely see Christians engaged in a number of legal battles in the public square. Those who do so are to be supported and encouraged for their faithful witness. One thinks of the reasonable chastisement ruling, the move to have pastors ‘licensed’, and the policy changes that significantly affect homeschooling families. While these ‘battles’ are fought, we can easily forget the bigger, long term picture; the ‘war’ if you like. Such attempts to restrict religious liberty did not emerge in a vacuum. It emerged from ideas that were antithetical to the Word of God, and it has gained traction in every sphere of society because someone (most likely on the university campus) passed this on to someone else, who passed it on to someone else and so on, probably for a generation at least. 

We have a word for this in Christian circles: discipleship. The most effective way to reverse the challenges that we currently face is to primarily focus on what we have always been called to do: make disciples. This is the bigger issue at stake. When the affections of the heart and the thought patterns of the mind are submitted to Christ, we will have a generation that can potentially live for Him in every sphere of life. Without such disciples, we may win a battle here and there, but the larger war will be lost. It is for this very reason that this February, as a new intake of university students descend onto our campuses, I will join with campus missionaries in reaching the next generation with the Gospel, and invite them into a discipleship relationship. For this supernatural task, we covet your prayers. May we do all we can to pray, give, and go to reach the next generation and see many disciples won for Christ.

JOY! Magazine (February 2018)

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