Do You Want To Do Business, God’s Way?

– by Pearl Kupe

Jesus tells us in Luke 19:13 to “occupy and do business until He comes.” In this parable, the worker who opted to do nothing with the money that he was given was described as “wicked”, and greater authority was given to those who appreciated their resources effectively. God expects an ROI, a re-turn on His investments. One of the best ways to do Kingdom business is to join a network that is committed to do business that reaps Kingdom benefits. I’d like to extend a special invitation to all women to join the Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, a network that encourages women to occupy the business gate and to trade with one another in a Kingdom manner, with ethics and integrity. The network is building a presence in all nations around the world and offers opportunities and platforms to do business on a global level. 

The network also gathers women to be taught and equipped in ‘KINGDOM-NOMICS’, and to learn how to do business according to the original blueprint of heaven. The Network subscribes to the “Tzedakah” principle of charitable giving and encourages women to allow God to use them to help the vulnerable and the needy, according to Matthew 25:35-45. Don’t strive to do business alone, join a network of Kingdom women and make a difference. Get a chance to be a part of an Ubuntu-led network that has a mandate to help grow your business and build entrepreneurs who can facilitate Kingdom expansion and fulfil Kingdom mandates. If you are led to be a part of this network, contact us on If you are in South Africa or London, we will connect you to the chapter nearest you. Connect on Facebook – Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Twitter and links to the pages can be found through @RevPearl, and on Facebook and on Instagram as ‘Pearl Kupe’.

JOY! Magazine (June 2018)

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