The Snare Of A Crisis

– by Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

From time to time in our journey here on earth, we all go through times of intense difficulty or situations that intensely preoccupy our minds. Crisis is common to our human experience and I thought it would be beneficial to write something about it.

The positives and negatives of a crisis
Crisis has two sides to it; the positive and the negative. The positive is that whatever form of crisis you face, it is simply of a temporal nature; inversely the negative is that it can preoccupy your mind to the extent of completely draining you. Thus, the devastating effect of any crisis is never in the nature of the crisis itself but in its snare. 

Establish superiority over the crisis
When one observes the strategies of war, the main thrust is always to establish some kind of superiority over the enemy, even before engaging in the actual warfare. Similarly in a crisis, the real enemy succeeds in ensnaring you if he manages to trigger self-defeating emotions in you; i.e. anger, fear, guilt, doubt, discouragement, cynicism, and so forth.

An opportunity to learn
From God’s perspective, a crisis is nothing more than an opportunity to learn, to adjust, to change, to improve, to grow, even to refocus on what truly matters. Therefore, understanding the nature of any crisis from God’s perspective is always the first step to coming out victorious. A wise thing to do when faced with a crisis is never to react based on emotions, but respond having thought things through. Therefore, in a crisis remember: “Never react, always respond.”

JOY! Magazine (April 2018)

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