The Revelation Of Mammon

– by Siva Moodley

Jesus said there are only two masters, God or Mammon. Satan is not even in the race. Mammon is therefore more dangerous than satan. But what is Mammon? Some people think its money; others say it’s a love of money. They are both Biblically wrong. In this series we will define what Mammon is, how it is the master of so many Christian’s lives, and how to be free from Mammon. We will also understand the behaviour patterns of those Christians who follow Mammon. In the end, we will all do the test to understand if Jesus or Mammon is our Master. You can also get my detailed teaching on this topic from my online bookshop –

What does Scripture say?
The first time the word mammon is mentioned in the Bible is in Matthew 6:19-24. Jesus says in this Scripture that there are two locations to store our most valuable physical assets and resources. He also says that our giving is an indication of our heart and shows God where our heart lies. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21.

Where are you giving?
So, if your giving is inconsistent in the area of tithes and offerings, then your treasure is on earth (world system). You heart also is on the things on the earth. Your heart is more on the material wealth and resources of the earth. 

Give unto God’s Kingdom
If your giving is unto the Kingdom of God (faithful in both tithes and offerings), then you are heavenly or Christ-minded. Your giving is blessed by God and your desire is for eternal life. You are busy storing up treasures in Heaven by your giving here on earth. Some people believe that they are physically storing up treasures in Heaven for when they die. This is not what Jesus is saying. We know that in Heaven there is no lack, hence there cannot be a physical harvest, neither is there a need where there is abundance. Also, the Bible does not mention that physical treasures can be transported to Heaven. Jesus said that He has prepared the home for us already (John 14:2-3), so it is not possible to add to a completed work. We do however know Heaven can manifest treasures on the earth for us (Phil 4:19). What is Jesus therefore talking about when He says we can store treasures in Heaven?

Satan controls many worldly systems
In Luke 4:5-8, satan shows Jesus the systems of the world that he controls. We call this the Babylonian system. This is a system of greed, perversion, coveting, jealousy, and undermining. In this system people always toil. They obtain access to wealth, by paying a price of ‘no peace’ – Proverbs 10:22. Satan is talking about a supernatural system and not a physical system. Everyone – Christians and non-believers alike – work in the physical environment, yet believers in Christ can choose not to be part of the Babylonian system, as commanded by God. Jesus said we are in the world but not part of it (John 17:15-18). This is satan’s system and we sow into this system if this is where our hearts lie.

Place your trust in God
Jesus commands us to sow instead into His system (the Heaven system). Jesus commands us to bring all the treasure into His system. That means, not just your tithe but everything under God’s four-fold blessing. We do this when we surrender all we have into God’s hands and place our trust in Him. 

This is what Jesus promises when you do this:
There will be no “moth” that eats our belongings thereby destroying our assets (no devourers), no “rust” that decays our possessions before expiration date (no premature loss – Deu 8:4; 29:5), no thieves able to break through (a barrier of protection) and no loss of possessions (no financial loss or debt).

Don’t prevent God from intervening
For those who put their treasures in Babylon’s kingdom, all these evils will take place and God is prevented from intervening. Have you placed everything you have in God’s hands for His use, and declared that you are simply a steward of His Kingdom? Jesus continues by explaining that if our eyes are single (spiritually clear), then all these promises will operate in our life. But, if our eyes are on earthly treasures/riches that Babylon entices us with, then darkness consumes our lives and we become blind to God. This series will be continued in the next issue of JOY! Magazine…

JOY! Magazine (January 2019)

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