The Fragrance Of Christ In You

– by Pearl Kupe


Recently at OR Tambo airport, whilst boarding a flight to West Africa, airport security tried to take my perfume because it wasn’t in a Ziploc bag. I had always understood the Ziploc policy to apply to travel outside of Africa and I did not have any Ziploc bags. This was my favourite and most expensive perfume (still very full), so I was not prepared to part with it. It was too late to go and buy a Ziploc bag from the shops. I sensed the eagerness of security, especially the females, as they saw my plight. 

They thought that I would abandon my beautiful perfume. I was determined to not leave my perfume so I asked women around me if they had a spare bag. The first two didn’t, but out of the corner of my eye I spied a little feeble looking old lady sitting down. I asked her and she looked. Just when she was about to give up, she found the smallest Ziploc bag I had ever seen! Guess what? The bag was an exact fit for my perfume! With great joy, I put my perfume in the bag, thanked the old lady, and boarded my flight – to the disappointment of the security personnel! Be encouraged today! You’ve been carrying a certain perfume on you and it is Christ Himself, the Rose of Sharon.

There are people around you trying to strip you of that scent. Never let go of that fragrance. It defines you and carries your identity (Galatians 3:29) and raison d’etre. Don’t be persuaded by arguments or intimidated to leave that fragrance behind, even if it’s from human authorities. There’s a higher authority that tells us to carry this fragrance wherever we go! When pressured to give up the scent, look around for destiny helpers to encourage and help you retain the scent. It may be the most unlikely looking person, (old woman in the corner)! Hold on to your scent and board the flight to kingdom destiny and go! Hold onto Jesus – the Rose of Sharon!

JOY! Magazine (August 2018)

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