Strengthening Prophets

– by André Bronkhorst

In Acts 11:27 a ‘group of prophets’ travelled together, unlike in any other ministry. It seems that the reason for the grouping was to strengthen the prophets in the group, and to ensure accuracy and accountability amongst one another.

God calls so many different kinds of prophets, with different types of personalities and styles of delivery. We need to know how to function with these different types of prophetic people, working together as a unified family, and not in competition with each other. We need to be able to recognise and honour one another, and support each other for the common purpose of building God’s Kingdom. We are told to desire the gift of prophecy more than any of the other gifts (1 Corinthians 14:1). One fifth of the five-fold ministry is that of the prophet, yet the prophetic ministry and gifting suffers the most scrutiny and criticism of all (1 Thessalonians 5:20).

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this much-desired spiritual gift:

1. Jesus told us that we will account for every idle or careless word that we speak. With this in mind, the word choices and the way we phrase things are of paramount importance because of the extreme power of the spoken word – especially when it comes to the gift of prophecy.

2. Jesus rebuked Peter for telling satan to get behind him. Why? Although Peter acknowledged Christ as the Son of God, he was trying to predict an outcome for Jesus that differed from God’s plans – albeit with good intentions. Thus, apart from being aware of our words, when we function as prophetic people we need to be ever mindful of God’s plans and purposes.

3. It is important not to be hasty to speak and understand the responsibility of giving prophetic words.

JOY! Magazine (Feb/March 2017)

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