The Pink Elephant In The Room

– by Rainer Boshoff

Let’s talk about the ‘pink elephant’ in the room – the one that everyone sees, some have experience of, and all of us should be working actively to remove from society . . . bullying. When I was in primary school, some boys who were 2 years older than me decided that I was going to be their next victim. They started hitting me and pushing me around, and this ordeal lasted for more than 3 years. It became so severe that I was too scared to attend school on many occasions. It was only in high school when I realised who I am in Christ, and that I do not have to back away from anyone. The biggest problem though is not the physical hurt caused by the bullying, but more the emotional scarring resulting from the humiliation and fear. 

As parents, we have a huge responsibility to be aware of what is happening in the lives of our kids, especially the things they don’t talk about. Look for changes in their behaviour and find out what is causing the change. Don’t stop before you have the answer, and get help if you feel incapable of resolving the issue. As adults we have to take responsibility for the overall wellbeing of our children for as long as we can. 2 Timothy 3:16 teaches us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. If you are victim to bullying or have a child who is, I want to encourage you today that there is deliverance through the love of Jesus Christ and if you give Him your hurt, He is faithful to do over and above what you can imagine.

JOY! Magazine (May 2018)

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