‘New Thinking’ May Be The Actual Performance Enhancer?

– by Matthias Roberg

The iceberg model describes how our performance at anything is driven by our sets of behaviours, our habits. These are driven by our feelings, which in turn are driven by our thoughts. Many of our behaviours, feelings, and thoughts are hidden below the surface, as is the bulk of the ice in an iceberg? 

The quality of thought
What we achieve at work is driven by how we think, then the secret of improving people’s performance by implication is to create environments where people are encouraged to improve their thinking. Typically when a leader wants to improve someone’s performance they tend to stay at the surface and focus on the visible performance, whilst ignoring the underlying motivators for their performance, the quality of their thoughts. The nature of most relationships, be they work, family, or friends, are not conducive for engaging in the kind of dialogue that encourages people to explore their inner world. The basis for a coaching relationship, however, is unlocking potential by exploring the largely hidden world of people, trying to establish the basis for their current thoughts, testing assumptions, and stimulating the conditions for creating ‘new thoughts’. The real question therefore is: can any organisation afford not to help their employees improve the quality of their thinking?

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JOY! Magazine (July 2017)

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