“Money Answers All Things”

– by Pearl Kupe

Ecclesiastes 10:19 is a Scripture that’s widely misunderstood, misquoted, and taken out of context. “A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry; but money answers everything.” Many mistakenly understand this Scripture to mean that money is the answer to everything. If you read the whole of Ecclesiastes, you will notice that money is being discussed in context with a feast and the requirements. Money is clearly not the answer to everything.

Money can buy you a bed, but it cannot buy you sleep. It can but you a wedding, but not a marriage. It can buy you a house but not a home, and medicine but not health. If it could buy health, millionaires would not die of illnesses. Money cannot buy you salvation, deliverance, or peace; so we can now see that money is not the answer to everything, but is the answer to all that pertains to a feast. It can buy the wine and food that is necessary for feasting, but it has its limitations. 

When reading this Scripture, we must be careful that it does not move us to a place where we idolise, obsess over, or begin to love money. The Word of God warns that the love of money is the root of evil (1 Tim 6:10). Money therefore is important, but must not be worshipped. It is a tool that we are given for the expansion of the Kingdom of God and to meet our needs, not as something to enslave us. Money should rather be our slave.

I invite us all to examine our relationship with money. Is money all you think about? Is money all that occupies your thoughts? Does making money interfere with your ability to worship God? Have you become a slave to money, or are you using money as a tool to build and benefit the Kingdom of God? Selah – take a moment to pause and meditate on your relationship with money.

JOY! Magazine (May 2018)

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