God’s Protection In Times Of Trouble

– by Zoltan Erdey

Over the past year, I have written much about silver and gold as a God-honouring way of saving and securing one’s financial future in the face of the ‘signs of the times’. A careful evaluation of the political and financial state of South Africa may indeed discourage some Christians. Whether it is corruption, crime, legislated theft, or a myriad of sinful behaviour in both the private and the public sector, it is very easy to get discouraged and become fearful. 

Responsible way of saving money
However, those who hold some precious metals in the form of gold Krugerrands, bullion silver coins, and gold & silver bars have wisely hedged themselves against any potentially poorly conceived and implemented legislation. Gold and silver cannot be confiscated (like land), nationalised (like banks), or printed (like fiat currency). But be that as it may, I would like to shift the focus from ourselves, and our preparations, to God.

What does the Bible say?
In Exodus 7, God hardens Pharaoh’s heart, who refuses to let God’s people out of Egypt. Consequently, several plagues befall Egypt, each harsher than the one before. While there are numerous lessons for Christians in this fantastic passage of Scripture, God’s faithfulness and preservation of His own people throughout the plagues stands out. The plagues of Egypt glorified and exalted God and demonstrated God’s mercy and protection. 

Are you prepared?
So, take courage in being responsible and prepared. No matter what the future holds, God preserves His people through times of hardship and adversity, be it financial, political, or both. Irrespective of the environment, with reverence and fear, pray for God’s protection and sanctuary, and He will honour your faithful prayer.

God’s faithfulness
Time and time again, we read stories about God’s faithfulness as He shields the righteous from harm. God’s track-record is impeccable, and faith in Him during times of hardships should be our default spiritual and emotional setting. “I will never leave you nor forsake you” – Hebrews 13:5. What comforting words these are!

JOY! Magazine (October  2018)

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