God Made It Possible For You To Reach Millions

– by Ivin Viljoen

Don’t fear technology, God made it available for you to use in preaching the Gospel, building the Kingdom, and reaching the lost.

I love the account of where Jesus went out onto the Sea of Galilee and stood up on a boat to preach, there were hundreds listening to Him on the shore. Jesus had a purpose and a method in everything He did. He went out into the middle to speak, because He knew that when He stood there, the water would carry the sound of His words all the way to what is called ‘The Bay of Parables’. We need also be creative in this way when we’re using media as a ministry tool.

God-inspired technology
In ‘55 Steve Jobs was born with a purpose to transform the world we live in with revolutionary mobile technology. Mark Zuckerberg was born in ‘85 with the purpose to create a social network that would form an integral tool for ministries to communicate their Message to the people it was intended for.

Technological pioneers like Chad Hurley created a video sharing site called Youtube with the tagline ‘Broadcast Yourself’. It would give ministries all over the world a tool to communicate their Message, removing the barrier between ministers and broadcasting.

What really manifested was God inspiring individuals to create inventions that would transform the way the Gospel is delivered. I believe God will inspire you the same way if you understand that your ministry should have a vision to become a media company as well. 

What is in your hand?
In Exodus 4:2 God asked Moses what was in his hand. I believe God is still asking us this question today. In the developed world most people constantly have one thing in their hand, and they’re rarely separated from it.

I want you to stop for a moment and look at what is in your hand. Chances are you have a mobile device you carry around with you most times. It’s possibly the single most important media tool you can appropriate to reach millions of people with the Message that God gave you for them.

Not only are you able to create content in various media formats but you are also able to use your mobile device to distribute that content and interact with your community. ‘Smart phones’ have literally become full media suites.

It’s funny to see that as soon as the rod of Moses became what God intended for it to become, Moses ran way… And that’s the reaction of most of our Pastors. Don’t fear technology, God made it available for you to use in preaching the Gospel, building the Kingdom, and reaching the lost.

An instant audience
The only challenge keeping you from reaching millions of people with your message is knowledge of how to use technology and media channels to communicate it properly and a strategy of how that message will reach them.

The next time you’re in front of any audience, ask them to download the Soundcloud app, create an account with their Facebook and follow you there. That way, the next time you have a time-sensitive message God laid on your heart, you’ll have an instant audience to reach.

I hope you’re inspired to become a media producer and reach as many people as you ask to follow you. That’s exactly what Jesus did, and look how effective He was!

JOY! Magazine (May 2017)

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