An Example Of God’s Love And Provision

– by Zoltan Erdey

The story of Joseph provides many nuggets of truth and pragmatic lessons to believers who are willing to study the passage in depth. As a Christian investor into precious metals, the story of Joseph is particularly relevant to me.

Joseph’s story
After an incredible journey that began at the bottom of a pit (Gen 37:24), Joseph becomes the grand steward of all of Egypt (Gen 41:41). In Genesis 41:57, we read that ‘…all the earth came to Egypt to Joseph to buy grain, because the famine was severe over all the earth.’ Through his wisdom, obedience, and integrity, Joseph was an example of God’s provision and love not only to his own people, but to many nations around the world. God’s Name reigned high amongst the foreign nations in the days of Joseph. 

A wise investor invests in the real thing
In past articles, I have tried to clarify that silver and gold are the most honest type of money in existence. What we think is money is merely currency that is declared to have value by the state. History is replete with examples of money becoming worthless. Think of the photos of kids in Germany during World War 2 playing on the streets with wheel-barrows full of worthless paper currency. I certainly do not remember children or adults playing with worthless silver and gold coins on the streets. Why? Because it is real money, not merely a derivative of the real thing.

How does this story apply to those who invest in precious metals?
The lesson for Christians is simply this: be wise in how you invest and save, for if you do so wisely, you too may become God’s instrument of blessing others during times of famine and economic turmoil; just like Joseph! Through our wisdom and obedience, God’s Name as a provider to all his children may reign high in our street, neighbourhood, country, and perhaps like in the case of Joseph, throughout the whole world.

JOY! Magazine (June 2018)

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