Why Every Pastor Should Have A Podcast

– by Ivin Viljoen

I love podcasts, because they are such an easy way to create content. And from this content you can develop many other things.

It’s a way for you to give your gift to the world
Podcasts bless people because once you have delivered the message it allows people to walk away and take action on it immediately, therefore producing results in their lives. People will appreciate your ministry for this. Therefore a great relationship of value will be established.

Your message is distributed immediately (in most cases)
A properly promoted podcast will send out notifications immediately which are great when you want to relay time-sensitive information.

It’s a great way to build influence
Great influence is built when you help people grow, make them successful, lead better lives and be more productive. You give your most value when you are speaking from your own experience.

It builds accountability towards yourself
It’s important to have a schedule. Commit to post up a podcast once a week. This consistency is a great way to build an audience. It also builds your credibility. 

The minister creating more content will have the better platform
If you have a lot to give, do one podcast a day. If you have less than that to give (or less time), do 3 podcasts a week. If that’s not possible do 1 podcast once a week, preferably on the same day so people know what to expect from you, and when.

Develop an instant audience
The best way to build an audience is to get people to take action when you have a lot of people in front of you. Let’s suppose you’re in a service and you have the floor, what you need to do is to ask everyone to download whatever app you want to connect with them on, and then ask them to connect. The trick then becomes engagement; you need to provide value on a consistent basis.

Having a podcast is scalable
Through podcasting you could reach millions of other people you wouldn’t have originally thought of, you could get into the international mindset and beyond just the local mindset and you could also reach people in other countries. This will invariably increase your influence and reach.

JOY! Magazine (August 2017)

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