Elevating Our Faith

– by Andreas Kyriacou

It is my firm belief and conviction that God, the Father, is calling His Church to a higher level of faith and to greater expectations, concerning the manifestation of His goodness in every sphere of our lives. I dare say that most times we disappoint and limit God by small thinking and negative talking. He wants to demonstrate to us how good, how kind, how loving, and forgiving He is toward us. The master key that unlocks the goodness of God is faith! 

Do you have enough faith?
As I was praying and meditating on this fact, I heard the Spirit say: “Son, many things that my people desire and pray for are on a higher level of faith than they are. Unless they rise to that level, they cannot obtain them”. For example, it’s like walking into a multi-level department store where each level is a different product category. You walk in looking for electrical appliances, which are located on the second floor, but instead, you spend all your time and energy searching for them in the grocery section on the first floor. It’s the same with the things we desire and pray for. Do you have the necessary level of faith that it takes to believe for your requests? Or do you need to climb up a level?

How do we grow our faith?
So, how do we get to the next level of faith? How do we get from where we are to where we should be in our faith? By growing and developing our faith. We do this by feeding on God’s Word and exercising our faith, where we continually experience the goodness of the Lord. 

God is so good!
If there is one single revelation that strengthens our faith in God and honours the Lord more than anything else, it is the revelation of the goodness of God. The knowledge of how great the goodness of God is, enlarges our capacity to believe in the One who is altogether kind, good, and merciful.

JOY! Magazine (April  2019)

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