Discipleship and silver: fake is bad

– by Zoltan Erdey

One of the principal themes of Matthew’s Gospel is judgement, but with a nuance; many of the judgement passages about the horrors of judgement are given to the disciples, and not the crowds. Perhaps this was a way that Jesus motivated the disciples into evangelistic action by disclosing the fate of those who die without Jesus. Many judgement passages are also aimed at those who claim to be His true followers, but in reality, they are false and fake. 

The ping test
Like with discipleship, fake silver exists. Although some of the modern fake coins are excellent forgeries, there are some simple ways of testing whether a coin is genuine silver. Here’s two: The most important test is the ‘ping test’. Gently place the middle of the coin on the inside of your index finger (it is preferable to wear cotton gloves when handling silver coins to avoid greasing the coin with skin oils for this will probable cause unsightly marks) and strike it ‘softly’ with another silver coin. If you hear a ‘ping’, the coin is genuine silver. I realise that this test may seem unsophisticated, but real silver has a ping, while other metals that often make up fake silver (e.g. lead, or tungsten in the case of gold) will not have this sound property. 

Measure the diameter
The second test is to measure the dimensions of the coin with a calliper. Each coin has a specific diameter, thickness, and must weigh 31.103 grams. For example, an American Eagle should measure 40.6 mm x 2.98 mm and weigh 31.1 grams. If any of these measurements are out by more than 1%, the coin is probably not genuine. For example, an American Silver Eagle that is 40.6 x 2.98 in terms of measurements, but weighs 29.01 grams is more than likely not genuine. The same applies if the coin weighs 31.1 grams, but the diameter is out by a millimetre. Genuine silver is valuable and prized. Fake silver is worthless and belongs on the trash-heap. Learn how to identify the genuine article.

JOY! Magazine (January 2018)

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