Beyond A Crisis

– by Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

Tough times and turbulent periods are part of our human experience. Whether a crisis was self-inflicted, God-orchestrated, or of demonic origin, it will eventually come to an end. The tragedy I’ve observed over the years is that many people don’t know how to handle life “beyond a crisis”. This article aims to give a few nuggets of wisdom that will give a better handle beyond any crisis one will ever face. 

• First and most important is to saturate your soul with the Word of God. I have learnt from last fall when Cape Town went through a couple days of gale force winds that being routed to the source is of paramount importance. This revelation came from observing my garden, which had been affected by the strong winds. I noticed that the smaller trees remained standing while a huge one collapsed. Out curiosity I went to check how this happened and realised that the roots of the huge tree had died prior to the winds, which resulted in its fall.

• Secondly, do all you can do mend fences the crisis created. Ensure that in cases of relationships, emotions have no gaping openings. If the crisis involved people, try by all means to restore relationships to normality.

• Thirdly, because crises come and go all the time, try to use the power of hindsight or foresight to wise-up for future crises. Don’t be found wanting again and again. As commonly said, fools don’t learn – that’s why they repeat the same mistake over and over again.

• Finally, never forget to keep the big picture in mind; the glory of God and the building up of others. Make your life a wonderful adventure.

JOY! Magazine (June 2018)

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