My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit – Part 5

– Siva Moodley

The Holy Spirit is a person and therefore has a personality. In the last few articles I have highlighted some aspects of the Holy Spirit. Let’s look at the next set of personality traits:

The Holy Spirit sanctifies
We all understand being sanctified by the Blood of Jesus (Heb 13:12), yet there are many Scriptures that talk about sanctification by the Holy Spirit. “… so that the Gentiles might become an offering acceptable to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.” – Rom 15:16 The word sanctification means “made holy, consecrated, being set apart for special use”. 

Need for sanctification
When Isaiah first encountered the Holy Spirit, he immediately became aware of his own frailty and need for sanctification. The response was an angel placing a coal on his lips (Isaiah 6:1-7) to sanctify him. Still today, when we encounter the true presence of the Holy Spirit, we cannot but look at our own sin, feel shame, and want to change. When the Holy Spirit is present, it is very difficult for sin to be present because He brings an atmosphere of Holiness with Him. Our flesh has to literally fight and resist the Holy Spirit if we want to continue in sin. We have to numb our spiritual senses if we want to live in sin. There are some who love God, enjoy exhilarating praise and worship, and experience the anointing, yet sin is rampant in that environment.

How is that possible?
The anointing comes strictly for ministry (to someone else), while the Holy Spirit comes to change us. It is possible for the anointing to be present, yet no Holy Spirit. In that environment there is no sanctification, but the gifts of the Spirit operate. This is why Jesus of Nazareth (the perfect man) had to have both the anointing and the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38). There are many examples in the Bible where only the anointing was present. In each case, sin and destruction were the final result.

King David’s repentance
We know that King Saul is a good example of this, but let’s look at his successor King David. We know that the Holy Spirit was no longer around King David (2 Sam 11), hence there was no fear of sin. He then committed adultery and then murder. Still, he could not see his wrong until God sent Nathan the prophet to confront him (2 Sam 12:1-14). Why could he not see his wrong? When we study King David’s famous repentance, we see he begs for the return of the Holy Spirit (Ps 51). We know that King David was restored and sanctification returned to his life.

A decision to live in the Spirit
The Holy Spirit sanctifies by washing the heart and renewing the mind (Titus 3:4-7), assuring us of the indwelling presence of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:19; Acts 16:6-7, 1 Pet 1:11), helping us understand the Word (1 Cor 2:10-16; Eph 3:3-6), connecting us as sons, building our faith, and showing us our inheritance (2 Cor 1:21-22; 5:5). All this happens when we make the decision to live in the Spirit. 

In the world, but not of it
I will never forget the day I met the Holy Spirit. I was already a “Christian” for a year and attending church, yet I was not born again. I knew this because there was no reverence or fear of God in my life. Then I met the person of the Holy Spirit and immediately I said “goodbye” to the world. The sanctification of the Holy Spirit is so strong over my life that I will not watch some movies or read certain books or even entertain certain conversations. I will not go to conferences where people grieve the Holy Spirit and I will not listen to any music that does not honour Him or His values. While I live in this world – I am not of this world.

He bears witness
The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God (Rom 8:16). One of the ways the Holy Spirit speaks to us is by “bearing witness” inside us. When the Holy Spirit speaks this way, our response is “I know, I know, I just know”. Doubt has disappeared. Our conclusion/revelation cannot be shaken. This is the primary way God speaks to us when a supernatural conversation takes place.

Biblical examples
In the Bible, two heathen kings had dreams. The first was Pharaoh (Gen 41). How did Pharaoh know this dream was from God? How did he know the interpretations of his wise men and magicians would be false? How did he know for sure that Joseph’s revelation was correct? Nowhere do we read Pharaoh was led by God.

How do you know it’s God?
The second was Nebuchadnezzar. How did he know the dream was supernatural? How did he know the astrologers could not interpret the dream? When a believer has a dream, how do they know it’s from God? God led the two kings by witnessing to their spirits. Today the Holy Spirit witnesses to our spirit and we know it is God.
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