My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit – Part 3

– by Siva Moodley

In last month’s article I spoke about 9 things that prove that the Holy Spirit is a person and has a personality. I am continuing on this topic so that we have a deeper understanding of Him:

10. The Holy Spirit speaks (Heb 3:7, 1 Tim 4:1):
There are several voices that speak to us: the voice of the Holy Spirit, voice of the world’s pleasures, voice of the demonic, and the voice of our spirit man are the most popular. The Holy Spirit speaks to us in 4 different ways: the inward witness (Rom 8:16); the check in our spirit (Acts 16:6-7); the conviction in our spirit (Acts 20:22-23) and the agreement in our spirit (Acts 15:28). In my CD set, The Person of the Holy Spirit, I teach in detail how the Holy Spirit speaks in each of these ways and how to be led by Him.

So then if the Holy Spirit speaks, how often does He speak? – all the time! He loves communicating. The Bible calls this fellowship (Phil 2:1; 2 Cor 13:14). The Holy Spirit loves us so much that He can’t help fellowshipping with us all the time. My best way to describe this is to use the example of two young people in love. They will spend hours communicating on the phone or via social media, even without sleep. This is the kind of lover the Holy Spirit is.

Since the Holy Spirit speaks to us so often, it is our duty to train our spirit to hear His voice. The Holy Spirit is our teacher (John 14:26), guide (John 6:13), and comforter (John 15:26). 

11. The Holy Spirit reveals truth (John 16:13):
The Holy Spirit can only reveal truth and guide you into truth. This means the Holy Spirit does not have the capacity to lie. He knows which path you must take to get victory and He will guide you. Let me illustrate this with a simple example: I was once called to the ICU unit at a well-known hospital to pray for someone who was shot multiple times. As I looked at the person lying on the bed, I knew his life was over. The doctor confirmed by telling the mother that her child will not make it through the night. Then all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying that if I pray now, the young man would miraculously recover, so much so that they would take him out of ICU the next day and put him in a general ward. What the Holy Spirit said did not seem possible to the intellect. It certainly was not medically possible, but He is the Spirit of Truth. If He says it and all the facts point in the opposite direction, truth prevails over intellect/fact. So, I did as instructed and the young man miraculously recovered. He was released from ICU the next day.

Today he leads a normal life. The doctor was so shocked by what he saw that he wrote a letter to his mum. Whatever you are going through right now, no matter how impossible the situation, no matter what the experts say, when the Spirit of Truth speaks, it is done. When experts declare a thing due to their intellect or understanding, they are able to make mistakes (like the makers of the Titanic), however, the Spirit of Truth cannot lie or make mistakes. It’s time to hear from the Holy Spirit. My prayer for you is as you are reading this article, the Holy Spirit will speak to you now, bringing direction in those areas of your life where you need a breakthrough. 

12. He strengthens and encourages (Acts 9:31):
The Comforter (John 14:26) motivates, while the Counsellor (John 14:16) directs. I have learned that no matter how good a preacher I can be, it is the Holy Spirit who strengthens and grows my church. As a young pastor I tried many programmes to grow my church. They never worked until I surrendered and said, “I give up – help me Holy Spirit”. Maybe you are struggling as a mum right now or in the marketplace. Maybe Babylon has its hooks inside you and you are fighting with all your strength. Maybe everything you have tried has failed. It’s time to say “I surrender – help me Holy Spirit.” When we surrender, peace comes.

For a very detailed teaching on this subject, I recommend my CD set, The Person of the Holy Spirit. This article will be continued in next issue of JOY! Magazine.

JOY! Magazine (July 2018)

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