My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit – Part 1

– by Siva Moodley

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity – however, He is not the last person. Scripture teaches us that God is three persons (functions), yet one God (Matt 3:16-17; John 14:16-17; Acts 5:3-4). The simplest way for me to explain the trinity is to use myself as an example. To my children I am called Dad and function as a father; to my wife I function as a husband; and to my church I function as a pastor. Each of them relate to me as they see me: dad, husband, and pastor. I am three personalities, yet one person. In each role, I am a different person and personality. God is three people in three different functions yet He is one. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are equal. All three must be worshipped and honoured. There is no competition in the Godhead. Jesus, for example, does not get jealous if you worship the Father or the Holy Spirit. 

Different types of prayer
We pray to all three, but in the applicable form of prayer. Petitions (one of the most common forms of prayer, also called requests) is made strictly to the Father in the Name of the Son. Fellowship (Greek, Koinonia) is a common form of prayer to the Holy Spirit. While there is some debate as to how many different forms of prayer there is, we know there are at least over 7 types. In this series, I want to talk about my best friend, the Person of the Holy Spirit, and therefore will be mainly talking about fellowship.

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit
I met the Person of the Holy Spirit over 30 years ago. I still remember it like it happened yesterday. As a year-old baby Christian, I was trying to minister to a very depressed, suicidal, unsaved friend. The words just did not seem to come out right. I belonged to a denomination that taught us that the Holy Spirit was not important. They equated the Holy Spirit to an angel that simply obeyed instructions and was, according to them, of no other purpose.

The Holy Spirit will use us
I pondered the Scriptures I had learnt as I tried to figure out what to say to my friend. All of a sudden, I heard a voice speak clearly to me. The voice said: “Step aside – I will show you how it is done.” The next moment my mouth began to open and close. The most beautiful encouraging words started to flow from my mouth. I listened as my mouth spoke on its own. My friend got saved, delivered, and healed immediately. I rushed home, confused and excited by what had happened. I tried to reason the experience and asked our Lord Jesus what was going on? I knew it could not be evil as satan would not want to get someone saved, but it was not natural for someone’s mouth to just speak on its own. The voice returned and asked me to open to the book of Mark, chapter 13. The Scriptures say that we will be called to be a witness for Christ, but at that moment do not worry what to say for “it will not be you speaking but the Holy Spirit through you” – Mark 13:10-11; Matt 10:19-20. 

Not in our own strength, but in Him
My immediate response was: “Who are you Holy Spirit?”. The response has been a 30-year journey into the world of the supernatural. The Person of the Holy Spirit became my best friend and through this relationship, we have seen countless healed, delivered, and saved all over the world. We have seen the dead brought back to life and I have been translated twice. Our daily TV programmes reach millions in 127 countries on three continents. People travel from all over the world to our church in Randburg to experience extraordinary healings, yet I have healed no one. It is Him, the Person of the Holy Spirit that does the miracles, signs, and wonders.

Do you want to experience the supernatural?
Through Him I have had the most exciting adventure and encounters with the Kingdom of God and the world of the supernatural. I have learnt that miracles are normal when you know the Holy Spirit. All I asked is, “Who are you?”. It is my prayer through this series of articles in JOY! Magazine that you too will get to know Him. God has a great and amazing journey planned for your life (Heb 11:6). Also get my CD series on The Person of the Holy Spirit from our bookshop.
The Holy Spirit is not human, but He is a Person. He has a unique extraordinary personality and ability that cannot be matched. Like us, the Holy Spirit is a spirit. One difference is that we are limited to a physical body so that we can interact with the natural world seamlessly, while He has no boundaries. Pick up the next issue of JOY!, where I will continue this series. 

Siva Moodley is a pastor, preacher, and author, he also has a daily TV show. For the broadcast schedule, more info on his ministry or to purchase his new series on the Person of the Holy Spirit, call 011 792 2266 or visit

JOY! Magazine (May 2018)

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