What A Sunday!

– by Audrey Hardy

“But I have this against you; you have abandoned your first love.” – Rev 2:4

When we gathered as a church this past Sunday, we had such a wonderful time praising and worshipping the Lord. At one stage, one of the pastors brought a word from the Lord. We were reminded that Jesus gave His life on the Cross to express His love for the Father and for us. His purpose was to create in us a new heart. A heart that would not look to please man, but rather serve the Father to the point that we would be despised and even rejected. But we would have nothing to fear, as His grace would be there for us. He spoke of how the Lord wanted to remove things that still have importance in our lives and to separate us from the world. Time is short and He wants to use us like never before with hearts that are tender and open to Him. 

The Lord was encouraging us to seek His face and not to lose time running after vain things, but to be concerned by His kingdom. How He wanted to restore our first love so that all we do for Him is an expression of that love. The presence of the Lord was so tangible, and as the brother was bringing this word, I was reminded of my early Christian days and the love that I had for the Lord; at that moment I became so aware of my need for Him and my desire for this love to be rekindled in my heart once more. I also realised that many people around me were on their knees in tears as they cried out to the Lord also seeking for the restoration of their first love for Him.

It was such a powerful time that I’m inspired to believe that church should be like this, every time we meet.

JOY! Magazine (June 2018)

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