The Spirit Is Ready: Are You?

– by Audrey Hardy

“’Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit’ says the Lord.”– Zechariah 4:6

Recently, I was sharing with the church the story of when Jesus went to the Pool of Bethesda where many crippled and sick people lay. They were waiting for the angel of the Lord to come and stir the waters. The first person that stepped into the pool would then be healed. Jesus came across a man who had been crippled for thirty-eight years. He had lost hope because he could not move to get into the waters in time, and so remained there day after day in the same condition. I really felt the Lord impressing upon me that many people become complacent and succumb to their situations and challenges instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to stir their hearts and bring faith for their healing or miracle. 

So often when we gather to worship, we do not experience the supernatural power and anointing of the Holy Spirit because we lack expectancy, and these precious moments in His presence are taken for granted. We can be so caught up in singing about His greatness and what He can do, that we actually do not seize the opportunity to get into the ‘pool’ of His presence and receive what we need from Him. Yet, the Holy Spirit is not only willing but also ready and eager to reveal Jesus, and glorify His Name through miracles, healings, and all kinds of wonders. He is looking for people with needs and with faith, to touch and restore their hearts and bodies. We don’t need to wait for an altar call to be prayed for; we can reach out to the Holy Spirit at any time and expect to receive what we need from Him. Jesus is still the healer. He has not changed. May faith rise in our hearts so we can experience His miraculous power and dare to expect great things from Him.

JOY! Magazine (May 2018)

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