A Mother: God’s Gift To Children

– by Audrey Hardy

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him”. – Psalm 127:3

Dear mothers, I would like to ask you a question! Do your children have outbursts of anger, or display anti-social tendencies at home or at school? Are you aware that this could be due to the fact that your child feels insecure, neglected, or even rejected? Frustrated children usually have no other way to express these feelings. When love and care are lacking in the home, children will often become aggressive and manifest other behavioural problems.

I frequently have the opportunity to speak to young boys and girls and it breaks my heart to hear them say that they do not feel real love and care from their parents. Today, parents are so caught up with their lives and careers that they try to substitute their love and presence by giving their children all kinds of toys, games, and other material things; yet, these kids still do not feel their love and concern for them.
I remember praying with a young Christian girl recently, and she was in tears as she realised that she was blocked about the idea of marriage! It went back to when she was 6 years old and her parents divorced – the idea of marriage had both scared and scarred her. All children suffer when their parents fight and end up divorced or separated! Many of them cannot express that suffering and are traumatised for life! Looking at the consequences of divorce, it becomes easy to understand why divorce has never been, and will never be, the heart of God for His children. 

Time flies and before we realise it, our children will be teenagers, facing many temptations. Only then, will it dawn on us that we did not give them the attention they needed, nor take the time to build strong relationships with them. This is why it is vital not to neglect these important years of their lives, and to invest in their upbringing, while there is still time.
Mothers, you are the key for your children. Make sure you are there for them, especially as they are growing up! Use this privileged time and access that God gives you; read them Bible stories and pray with them before tucking them to bed. When they feel secure in your love, they will have no problem in turn to accept the love of Jesus for them. Your children need your presence more than anything! Remember, they are the Lord’s greatest gift to you.

JOY! Magazine (November 2017)

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