Loving The Unlovable

– by Bernadette Chiponda

“I have much to say about you and much to condemn you but I won’t. For I say only what I have heard from the one who sent me and He is completely truthful.”– John 8:26

It’s easy to love those who love and celebrate you, those who are like you and hold the same thoughts as yourself. As a parent, it’s easier to love the child who toes the line, gets straight ‘A’s, and makes you proud. As a wife it’s easy to love the husband who provides, helps with kids, and remembers your birthday. As a leader it’s easy to love subordinates who excel, meet deadlines, and put in the extra hours. As a pastor it’s easy to love a faithful and committed member. It’s easy to love those who are above us, who we hope can take us to the next level. However, our calling is also to the “unlovable”.  Our Father expects that we love the undeserving – those who bring us constant shame and harm when all we have done is do them good; those who bring out the worst in us and who don’t have anything good to say about us. 

Yes! God is calling us to love those who make a mockery of our generosity, who are continuously failing us and making empty promises. He is calling us to love those who never seem to learn their lesson, whom we constantly bail out of trouble. He is calling us to love those who criticise, and look down upon us; taking advantage of us; also those who are richer and poorer than us; those who don’t appreciate our sacrifices, and those who can never repay us. It could be a parent, a spouse, a child, an in-law, a brother, a sister, or church member whom you are about to shut out forever. You may have every reason to condemn them, but don’t blame and forsake them. Instead, love and forgive them regardless, because therein lies the greatest example of the Father’s love for humanity. His hands are forever stretched out in love to a world that constantly rejects Him.

JOY! Magazine (April 2018)

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