Do You Fear The Enemy?

– by Audrey Hardy

During the past thirty years in ministry I have discovered that the fear of demons is often a reality in the lives of many Christians. For example, I have come across women who, upon falling pregnant, are scared to even mention their pregnancy in case someone places a curse on them out of jealousy, and causes them to lose the child. As extreme as this may sound, it reflects a lack of understanding of what Jesus accomplished for every believer on the Cross. Even in my own life, there was a time that in my zeal and ignorance, I was more focused on demons than on the Lord. I was so wary of the devil’s activities that before leaving home, I would plead the Blood of Jesus, put on my spiritual armour, and prepare myself for battle. Yet, God’s Word is clear: if we are born of God, the devil cannot touch us. 

When Jesus died on the Cross, He disarmed principalities and powers to break the devil’s strongholds on our lives. We now live in God’s Kingdom, where Jesus is King. Whilst we do not have to fear the devil or his demons, we should not, however, ignore his tactics. Everyone must be aware that he is like a roaring lion, seeking those whom he can devour. Keeping unforgiveness in your heart, for example, gives the enemy a foothold, so it is important to walk with a pure heart and to keep the door closed to him at all times – this is our protection! I am so grateful that the Lord brought light into my heart and that I now realise what Jesus accomplished for me on the Cross at Calvary. Today, I am able to serve Him in peace and victory knowing that the devil is already a defeated foe.

JOY! Magazine (January 2018)

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