Disrupting Satan’s Plans For My Life

– by  Jenny-May Hudson

“My father beat of my mother before they were even married. The writing was on the wall. Yet she chose him. She married my father, Desmond, none the less. He was a charmer. He could play with your mind, until you went over the edge and back again. It was almost as if he believed we hungered for more, like bloated refugees dependent on food aid. He dished, and we got what we got – that is until the early hours of the morning of 26 January 1983, a night when darkness mixed with moonlight, and quiet fought violently to silence a gun… Mamma says he was enchanting. I was fascinated and often wondered just how enchanting it could be to be beaten around by your date. She should have run then. Dedda, as he insisted on being called, was just a master at disguising his symptoms.  

He conned and manipulated even the sharpest of men, and to my horror people actually said they liked him…”
The opening chapter to Monsters, mice, and mercy captures the true story of a life lived in a childhood home where violence, abuse, and strife were ever present, to a victorious life in Christ by the grace of God and the power to choose. We frustrate satan each time that we take the very thing that he intended to harm us with, and use it to free others from hardship by pointing them to Jesus, as He liberates, redeems, restores, and renews. As confronting as this story is, it still remains one of hope to anyone who has endured adversity or abuse. Today, Jenny-May accepts invitations around the world to share her captivating testimony in a frank but humorous way, changing lives through the transformational power of love and faith, while leaving all she meets with renewed hope that nothing is impossible through Him who first loved us. Request Jenny-May as a speaker, or for conferences on: jenny-may@optusnet.com.au. 

JOY! Magazine (February 2018)

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