An Ugly Subject!

– by Jenny-May Hudson

Sexual abuse is rife. The tragedy is that the abuser is usually known to the victim, and secondly that no-one wants to talk about it. Me! Just me! I was chosen over all my siblings. Uncle Etienne would take me to a place in Johannesburg, where a replica of the Dromedaris stood. Once there, he’d park the car, gently pull me onto his lap, and start fondling me. I was in shock, dumbfounded, and tried to get off his lap. He placed pressure on my body, and held me back, trembling, shushing me, and telling me it was okay, that I was special, and all the usual drivel that comes forth like vomit after cheap wine. He chose me many times, but at that stage, never at our home. 

I went to bed, and awoke with him initiating more of our “special time” together. My sobbing alarmed and scared him off. I opened Mamma’s bedroom door to find a startled Dianne looking up from their chat. “Uncle Etienne is hurting me.” I was petrified. I had broken the law of adults. Uncle Etienne said not to tell. Dedda said I should listen to adults. Now I was doubly in trouble. Mamma said I was never to talk to anyone about what had happened to me. I felt sick, dirty, and hurt, physically and mentally, and fearful that Etienne was going to come and punish me for failing to keep our “special secret”.
Jenny-May had a choice. She could be a victim of childhood sexual abuse, or adopt the attitude she has today as an international speaker. “The man who hurt my body, does not have permission to hurt my mind, and I choose to spend my adult life living in radical victory while freeing other sufferers through Jesus Christ.” Request Jenny-May as a speaker, or for conferences on:

Extract from Monsters, Mice and Mercy © 2013, Jenny May-Hudson. Reprinted by kind permission of Lion Hudson Ltd.

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