A Life Redeemed From Abuse

– by Jenny-May Hudson

The negative programming, toxicity, and abuse that Jenny-May endured during her childhood was horrific. As tough as her childhood was, she never lost hope that things could change. Hope is the expectation of good things to come. She hoped, because she knew that she would not be little forever.
“I learned that it does not matter what others tell you; it is what you believe about yourself that rules. The messages I received from my parents were made into the truth, thus the truth became a lie. Dedda rarely acknowledged me, but whenever he was around, I hoped that he’d notice me. It was as if I was a naughty child ignored by a teacher, raising my hand higher and higher, anxiously chanting “Pick me! Pick me!” I was like a starved rat, scurrying around the bins, looking for scraps. 

I found it confusing that I looked for protection from someone I did not trust, sought attention from someone I feared, and desired love from someone I loathed. The human mind is a funny thing. It seldom ceases to hope. I continued to sustain my hope on a healthy diet called perseverance, and never starved myself of that. All the while God was watching over me, feeding my hope, strengthening my character, lining up the right people in my future, and preparing me for His grace that would fall on my life like liquid love.” Jenny-May’s self-esteem was extremely low, but her thinking changed when she placed her identity in Christ, coupled with an understanding of her righteousness in God, which enabled her to walk tall like the daughter of the King. She now testifies around the globe of His liquid love, which has restored and set her free, thereby helping thousands from bondage by the power of His Spirit. Request Jenny-May as a speaker, or for conferences on: jenny-may@optusnet.com.au.

JOY! Magazine (April 2018)

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