Johnathan Macris is president of Hellenic Ministries (formerly Hellenic Missionary Union) and the oldest child of well-known Greek evangelical missionaries, Costas and Alky Macris. Johnathan graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1985 and then returned to Greece to serve his mandatory year in the Greek Army.

He and his wife, Miriam, married in 1987 and have five children: Justin, Natassa, Kyle, Karsten and Jorryn. Johnathan He eventually went on to complete ministerial studies and was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in 1994 through the Wheaton Bible Church.

Since the beginning of Hellenic Ministries in 1980, Johnathan has been vitally involved in the mission’s emphasis of evangelism and church planting, discipleship and missions. In his leadership capacity, over the years, his responsibilities have included Personnel Manager, Summer Evangelistic Campaign Director/Coordinator, Member of both Greek and American Boards and de facto Administrator of the daily affairs of the Mission. He assumed the Boards designation of president in 2001.

While the burden for Evangelism and Discipleship continues to mark Hellenic Ministries’ priorities, Johnathan is emphasizing the need for the ministry to fulfill its role and call to raise up, equip and send Greek workers into the harvest field of world missions.

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