Urgent Message From Andrew Selley For The Church In SA

Urgent Prayer!

Urgent prayer needed regarding a deeply concerning move by the CRL Rights Commission (a human rights commission established in terms of the Constitution): Many churches & pastors across SA are being subpoenaed by the Commission as government makes concerning noises about clamping down on religion to bring people of faith under State control.

This could have massive ramifications for the Church in SA, with the possibility of a State controlled Church and those who do not comply, being forced to close. While we have been told government is only wanting to clamp down on religious charlatans, the language used & the questions posed in the Commission’s subpoenas to the churches, is very concerning. 

Potentially only pastors who have degrees through liberal universities & who have registered with a State recognized group (like the South African Council of Churches, who has shown itself to be very liberal on many issues) will be allowed to continue meeting. This opens the possibility for Bible-believing churches or good God-ordained pastors (who do not have a degree through some State recognized institution) to being illegal if they continue to operate.

We (FOR SA) will be meeting this week with some of the most senior Christian leaders in our country & with government soon to try stop this. Spread the word so that the Church prays to stop this serious inroad on religious freedom and autonomy!

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