Making the Mundane a Melody

Most people find themselves in places that don’t seem all that spiritual. Or worshipful. Classes that seems pointless apart from logging new information or filling the time. Circumstances that don’t appear to have any eternal significance at all. If you’ve ever felt like that, I’ve got great news. You can worship God wherever you are, doing whatever it is you do!

That’s the beautiful thing about continual praise. Your attitude of worship can turn any mundane task into an offering to God. Worship can even happen at the photocopy machine.

It did for me.

As a college student in Atlanta, I worked part-time at the Centers for Disease Control. Pretty impressive, huh? There I was stemming the spread of infectious diseases, developing groundbreaking technologies to improve life and alleviate human suffering!

Well, not exactly.

To be precise, I was the photocopy boy in the Centres’ medical library. My main activity was making photocopies of the hundreds of articles that various doctors wanted for their personal use.

I didn’t exactly have an office-more of a cubbyhole. The photocopier was in a four-by-eight-foot room beneath a stairway at the back of the library. The slanted ceiling dropped below head height on one side. The room overflowed with carts loaded with medical journals waiting to be copied, each having white slips of paper sticking out of them, telling me what to do next.

Hour after hour after hour, it was just me and that machine. Day after day, the requests piled up. The copying continued.

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