Hate Speech Bill – Assault On Religious Freedoms!

– by Errol Naidoo

Think Globally – Act Locally!

On 25 Jan, Arlene and I returned from a fruitful and beneficial Global Forum on Family Policy in the US. This is an inspiring start to the year for FPI’s vision.

I met with key leaders working to protect marriage and the family on a global level. The Lord has certainly extended our territory & influence for His glory.

FPI’s international work to protect family values will significantly strengthen efforts to defend and promote the natural family in South Africa.

The Committee for NGO’s at the United Nations will consider Family Policy Institute’s (FPI) application for consultative status, 30 Jan – 8 Feb 2017.

This status is critical to provide FPI the access and authority to lobby for marriage, the family and religious freedoms at the United Nations in New York and the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Please pray for success.

I addressed several African UN representatives who later expressed dismay at South Africa’s anti-family stance at the UN. South Africa also works to weaken and divide the pro-family African bloc at the United Nations.

Our presence and lobbying at the United Nations in support of the vital pro-family work of the “UN Family Rights Caucus” will hopefully steer South Africa towards a more (African) family friendly stance. 

Arlene and I arrived in Seattle, Washington on 21 January right in the middle of the “Womens March.” Barack Obama’s legacy of sexual license was disturbingly evident as thousands of people brandishing crude and vulgar signs militantly demanded even more abortion and sexual rights.

The protest brought to mind Genesis 19, where the men of Sodom demanded Lot surrender his guests to them. They too demanded sexual rights!

The Hate Crimes Bill will also be used to advance “sexual rights” in South Africa. Although the Bill is intended to combat hate speech and hate crimes, its unintended consequence will be the stifling of free speech and the serious assault on religious freedoms – especially Biblical Christian freedoms.

Deputy Minister of Justice, John Jeffrey said, “It’s not the intention of the Hate Crimes Bill to undermine religious freedoms or criminalise the Bible.”

But he did warn, “Bible quotations must not cross the line and becomes hate speech.” The question is, “Who decides what Bible quotations cross the line as hate speech?” The answer, liberal secular humanist judges!

The United Nations recently appointed a “LGBT Enforcer” who travels around the world ensuring UN member states comply with the radical pro-homosexual agenda. The Hate Crimes Bill will undoubtedly serve this agenda. 

For the past several years, homosexual activists have claimed crimes against LGBT people are fuelled by the Scriptures that condemn homosexuality as a sin.

The clear intention is to criminalise these Scriptures and declare it hate speech.

The broad definitions of what constitutes hate speech in the Bill will provide sexual rights activists the legal means to criminalise the Scriptures and prosecute Christian citizens who uphold the Bible’s view on sexual sin.

If the SA government’s voting pattern at the UN is anything to go by, expect full support for LGBT special rights and hostility against the family.

South African citizens have until 31 January 2017 to comment on the Hate Crimes Bill. Please write to T Ross at hatecrimes@justice.gov.za.

NB: This is not the end of the public participation process on the Hate Crimes Bill. You can comment on the Bill when it is tabled in Parliament later this year.

Errol Naidoo

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