Hate Crimes Vs The Integrity & Authority Of The Bible!

Despite being drafted in 2013, the “Hate Crimes” Bill, appears to be rushed by the Department of Justice, providing citizens only four weeks to comment.

The 1 December deadline deprives citizens of the right to properly evaluate the Bill, apply their minds and make submissions to Parliament.

The current draft of the Hate Crimes Bill is scary. The definitions of what constitutes “hate crimes” are too broad and will be abused.

For the past several years, homosexual activists have been pressuring government to implement hate crimes laws in South Africa. This coincides with the appointment of a “gay Czar” at the United Nations to force member nations to comply with the international “gay” agenda.

Hate Crimes presents a dire threat to the authority & integrity of the Bible.

Homosexual activists repeatedly claimed the Church is responsible for the “corrective rapes” of lesbians and violence against homosexuals.

They claim, “The Church has blood on its hands because it preaches a message of hate.” The alleged “message of hate” are the Scriptures on sexual sin.

Hate Crimes laws will therefore provide homosexual activists the legal mechanisms to declare the Scriptures hate speech and criminalise the Bible.

Not convinced? In 2013, the then Deputy Minister of Justice, Andries Nel instructed the Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to investigate a Christian training centre for alleged discrimination against homosexuals. Their crime? The inclusion of Biblical references in their prospectus.

Nel, who drafted the Hate Crimes Bill said, “The claim that homosexuals can change at will is what fuels hatred & violence against them.”

However, there is overwhelming scientific evidence available today proving that homosexuals are not born that way and can indeed change.

Remarkably, without a shred of evidence, Mr Nel parroted the unsubstantiated claims of activists and blamed the Bible for violence against homosexuals.

The SAHRC found Creare Training Centre guilty of “discrimination against homosexuals” based solely on the Biblical references on human sexuality contained in the Christian ministry’s documents.

Pastor Cornelius van Heyningen was ordered to undergo “sensitivity training” by a “social justice group” and the SA Council of Churches.

The Hate Crimes Bill is a grave threat against religious freedoms, freedom of speech and expression and the integrity and authority of the Bible.

If the Christian Church does not unite against this threat, it may find itself entangled in lengthy and very costly legal battles for years to come.

Please share this warning video on your social media sites today:

Please also write to Mr T Ross at hatecrimes@justice.gov.za today.
(1) Please request an extension for submissions until 1 April 2017.
(2) Express your concern with the broad definitions of what constitutes hate crimes or hate speech and warn of potential abuse of the law.
(3) Request a religious exemption clause in the Bill to protect the Bible   – and those who teach it – from frivolous prosecutions.

Errol Naidoo

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