Blasphemy Is Not Free Speech!

According to “Witch Doctor Productions”, two rock bands will tour SA during June and July performing at the Bassline in JHB and The Assembly Cape Town.

The band “Rotting Christ” name is blatantly blasphemous. It’s advertising is provocatively anti-Christian. They perform in JHB on 1st and CT 2 July.

The second band, “Fear Factory,” declares, “Fear Factory to Destroy South Africa in June!” They will perform in JHB on 10 June and CT on 11 June.

I sent The Assembly an email enquiring whether they realised “Rotting Christ” name is deeply offensive to the majority of Christians in South Africa. 

They acknowledged my email and promised a reply. To date, I have received no response from them. I also asked about the intentions of “Fear Factory.”

In 2009, I wrote to both the University of Cape Town (UCT) and their sponsors, Pick n’ Pay challenging them for publishing appallingly blasphemous cartoons in their annual charity rag magazine, “Sax Appeal.”

After first defending the cartoons, both UCT and Pick n’ Pay apologised to Christians. The retailer removed every copy of the mag from their shelves.

Blasphemy, like racial slurs are deeply offensive. If we can’t defend racial slurs – we can’t defend blasphemy. The band clearly intends to blaspheme Christ.

I urge you to write to The Assembly in CT and Bassline in JHB expressing your concern they would host bands that blatantly blaspheme the name of Christ. 

Write to The Assembly via their website and Bassline at

You can also write to the Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia De Lille at and the Mayor of Johannesburg, Parks Tau at

Please politely inform them that the band “Rotting Christ” name is blatantly blasphemous and is intended to offend the majority faith group in the country.

As Christians we defend the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. However, all freedoms have limitations. If the band blasphemed any other faith group, they would not be allowed to enter the country.

Please express your concern at this blasphemous misuse of the name of Christ.

Errol Naidoo

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