Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: Supplied

 Please sign the Online Letter today by adding your organization’s name and your name to the “Protect Children SA Coalition.” We will deliver the Online Letter to government – hopefully including millions of signatures – demanding they scrap CSE in South Africa!

The health and innocence of South Africa’s school children depend on you acting on your convictions today. Please sign now to defend the fundamental rights of parents and help protect young children from destructive state-driven sexual indoctrination.

We have very little time left to stop this assault on children! Please forward this to everyone on your database and urge them to add their names to the “Protect Children South Africa Coalition” by signing the Online Letter today!      

South Africa’s school children face the grave threat of harmful sexual indoctrination under the guise of “sex education” by groups like “International Planned Parenthood Federation” (IPPF) – the largest abortion provider in the US.  CSE was devised by IPPF and the global sexual rights movement to bypass parental authority and indoctrinate children with sexual perversion.

FPI sent a letter to the Minister of Basic Education co-signed by seven major Christian denominations on 14 August expressing deep concern with the proposed implementation of CSE in South Africa. We further requested a meeting with the Minister to discuss valid concerns with the content of this controversial program and the rationale behind it.


Churches, religious organisations, civil society groups, parent networks, medical and business organizations and individual citizens must speak up now to protect the dignity and innocence of children and the rights of parents to determine their children’s education standards.

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