Christian Liberty Books is celebrating 25 years of providing quality Bible based resources for Home Education, Missions, Evangelism, Christian History, Creation Science, Reformation and Revival.

Launched in 1995, CLB is a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
From our bookshop in Rondebosch we stock over 6000 titles of books, teaching manuals and Audio Visual materials.
Many of our resources are imported from trusted publishers overseas.

As a Missionary book ministry, CLB has been deeply involved in promoting home education in South Africa from the very beginning. We have donated many thousands of our books to Bible colleges, missions, ministries and churches throughout Africa. CLB is also fully involved in the pro-life, pro-family movement, participating in Life Chains, the March for Life, outreaches in the shopping malls and Boxes with Love to destitute pensioners in Zimbabwe. CLB is also fully involved in the Biblical Worldview Summits and Reformation 500 Coalition on Revival movement.

Over 100 titles have been produced in-house.

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