Started my day with tears rolling down my cheeks as I’ve always wanted to articulate this in a way that it makes sense…and here it is… This is only a couple of seconds long so please watch it – but this is why I love and admire this woman so much (Amy Grant)…She says it with so much sincerity when she wants to start crying herself that it ripped my heart into shreds… She’s got it so right. Whether you’re a prostitute, part of the LGBTIQ community, an addict or the greatest sinner of all (which we all are) – you should experience fearless freedom and fearless welcome to church and let God tell you what you can and cannot do. Church, let God sort us all out when in relationship with Him and let our role be to introduce people to Jesus in order for them to have a relationship with Him – Holy Spirit will convict us of what we need to change. So I’m NOT saying sin is acceptable. If only we got this right, the church and Christians wouldn’t be the ones being judged either for not being able to show people the true Jesus and who He was and still is. I love you all and judge no one. Can the hurting and judgements just end however please – and love finally win? 🙏❤️ Thank you Amy Grant

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