23 March 2018
– by Philip Rosenthal

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has just elected a new Vice-Chancellor, Mamokgethi Phakeng. Since, the Chancellor of UCT is an honourary position, the Vice Chancellor is the real leader of the University.

UCT is significant as the top research university in Africa, where the whole of Africa sends it’s future leaders to be trained. It also has an exchange agreement with radical politically correct fascist dominated North American Universities and so serves as a gateway to all kinds of evil ideologies. UCT was founded as a multi-racial Christian university, with its first meetings held in a church.  Sadly, like most institutions founded on the Bible, it has drifted away and has been tossed about by many other ideologies since then. 

In 2015 UCT SRC Vice Chair Zizipho Pae was severely persecuted for speaking a biblical view on homosexuality.  In 2017 a group of Gupta funded abortion advocates, Black-First-Land-First harassed and took down a pro-life stall at orientation week. studentsforlife.co.za In 2018, abortion advocates tore up pro-life posters at the Students for Life stall.

While church attendance among University Students is rising, they face strong persecution by political correctors who believe any other opinion should be silenced.  One group within the university, HAICU is seeking the University to pass new policy which would give them disciplinary powers to prosecute those who speak against homosexuality and trangenderism.

The majority of students and staff who wish to study peacefully face the risk of harassment and violence from radical activists who from time to time try to disrupt lectures and shut down the university.

Let us pray for the new Vice Chancellor in a tough job.

Radio 702 Interview with New Vice Chancellor of UCT Mamokgethi Phakeng 

4:00 “…God is not done with me yet…”

5:10 “…I grew up in a family. we were raised to trust God. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour whilst at University.

5:40 “I sort of make Christ the direction…’

‘…I try to live a life that is pleasing not just to me but first and foremost to God. It is that kind of indebtedness that I feel…’

Listen to the full interview goo.gl

Article source: www.ChristianView.org

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