03 December 2017
– by Will Maule

Washington Redskins star Josh Norman may be one of the highest paid cornerbacks in the NFL, but he is equally generous! he 29-year-old took out a full-page advertisement in the Greenwood Index-Journal, his hometown paper, to ask local Churches how he can help them out financially.  

An open letter in the paper was addressed to the “shepherds of the churches of Greenwood.”

“Your persistent prayers and devotion to the people of your congregation, to whom God has given you stewardship over, has not gone unnoticed. For the need of the people in the church and the community you serve is always above rapport,” the letter, signed by Joshua Ricardo Norman, reads.

“This season, God has laid it on my heart as a servant of the crown to reach out and touch every church in Greenwood, S.C. with my tithes and offering of love and peace. It is my wish that everyone in your place of worship be touched by this blessing that I’ve been blessed by and now giving unto you.”

Norman requested that Churches email a list of things they need to be paid for to his training park by Dec. 12.  

“I can’t fulfill the entire list, but I am going to do my very best with what God has blessed me with to uphold the needs and the standards of your church,” Norman continued. “I will read through each one and get back to you all respectfully. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being that beacon of hope to look up to and strive for greatness in your teachings and wessels on earth to reach our Father who is in Heaven.”

Article source: hellochristian.com

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