23 March 2018

In Iran, Christianity is considered a Western influence and a threat to the Islamic identity of the Republic. 

Converts to Christianity from Islam make up the largest group of Christians and experience the most persecution. Other Protestant Christian communities, focused on evangelising Muslims, are the second most persecuted group. Communities of expatriate or migrant Christians from Asia and the West sometimes experience forced church closures, while historical Christian communities, made up of Armenian and Assyrian Christians, are protected by law, but are treated as second-class citizens. 

Arrests and violence are commonplace for anyone engaged in Christian ministry or evangelism. Still, the message of Jesus is spreading throughout Iran. There are more Muslims converting to Christianity today than ever before.

Open Doors supports Christians in the Persian Speaking World with Bible and literature distribution, training, media projects, advocacy and more.

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Article source: www.opendoors.org.za

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