Walking Down A Quiet Street

Written by: Samantha Bicknell
Article source: Supplied

It is a quiet street. The path that I have chosen is narrow. Leaving the burning flames behind us, we are few.

Quietly we walk down the street. It is a race, but we must be careful. Stretching out our open hands to the broken-hearted, few take them. We pass them as they run toward their burning desire, leading to the burning fire, from which we have escaped.

We come to those who have grown tired and choose to rest in the quiet street, through which we travel. We offer the peace within us, but few accept it.

Some choose the eternal joy, which they have found through the quiet street, leading them to turn around and walk in day, rather than in night.

We feel the pain of the night, yet also the joy of the morning. We experience the scorn, torture and betrayal summing up the great cost of choosing this path. We have considered the cost, but the prize is much greater.

We carry the gift of joy and peace through our suffering, and keep our feet moving through the narrow and quiet street.

The path toward the flames is wider, louder, full of people like us, yet they are blind to what is in front of them. They are without hope, only happiness for now. They are confused, weary, but comfortable with the loud, disruptive noise of the world, drawing them in with temporary pleasures.

We feel the emergency as we walk down our quiet little street. We are soldiers and servants. We deserve the flames behind us, but through mercy and grace, we press on toward life. With permission, we call on the world, those who are lost and are suffering without hope. We call on them to join us through the quiet street toward home.

It is a quiet street, as there are not many of us. We walk to glorify the one who saved us from the flames and who transformed us.

With humble hearts, we stretch out our arms to those who will walk with us, and soon we will make our street louder.

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