The Trojan Pursuit Magnetic Exercise Bike

– by Candice Dyers

Job 8: 6 “If you are pure and upright, he would rouse himself to you and restore your righteous estate”

I am sure we are all too familiar with the New Year’s resolutions, which seems to only last for the first couple of days into the New Year! For me, more regular exercise always seems to end up on my list. As a result, whilst enjoying my December vacation, I decided to dust off my Trojan Pursuit Magnetic stationary exercise bike, which seemed to have ended up at the back of my “storage garage”. As I wheeled it out of the garage, I observed the following:

1. It was covered with dust. I would need to dust it off before I could bring it into the house.
2. It had a lot of different bumps and scratches on it, luckily all minor damage
3. It was covered with paint splatters
4. The tension control, was set on difficult
5. The display monitor did not work
6. The wire connecting the display monitor was loose
7. A blanket had been draped over it

This reminded me a lot about my 2018.

1. As the New Year is only about 2 weeks old, it is the perfect time to shake off all the hurt, pain and disappointments of the past year. I had made space in my bedroom for the bike and couldn’t bring it into the room covered with dust, as the dirt may spill onto the other furniture in the room. Similarly, we have to let go of the hurts of the past, otherwise it may spread to other positive areas of our lives.

2. Just like the bike had a lot of marks and scratches, so too I had a lot of bumps and bruises caused by the daily grind of the past year. Many times we just want to forget bad or painful experiences, bury it deep down, but the truth is, these events help us to remember God’s grace and mercy. By looking at it, we will be reminded of how God brought us through a difficult time.

3. It had a lot of paint splatters on i Many times we’re exposed to things beyond our control. The bike was evidently exposed to a paint job, without any shelter. In our lives it is no different. Perhaps you have been exposed to a situation from which you had no shelter, such as the hurtful words or actions hurled at you by someone you love and value.

4. The tension control was set on high / difficult Perhaps that is where you are right now. But here is good news for you. The tension control is adjustable. Perhaps this part of your journey is difficult, this part is tough, but it will not remain tough. Everything in life is for a season. Levels of difficulty will come and go.

5. The display monitor was broken. The battery had to be replace Perhaps there is a certain area of your life in need of a recharge in order for it to operate optimally again?

6. The wire connecting the display monitor to the battery was loos Because the connection was lost, the display monitor didn’t display any result and remained blank.  Have you lost your connection to God? Is that why you are not displaying your desired results?

7. My bike was also used as a clothing horse. This is not its primary use. Are you somewhere in your life where you are not supposed to be? Are you not doing what you are meant to do? Are you not fulfilling your purpose and calling?

I dusted it off.

I couldn’t fix the marks on it…
I removed the paint splatters with turpentine…
I could move the tension monitor around and adjust it….
I replaced the battery….
I re-connected the connection cable….
I removed the blanket draped over the bike and restored it to its primary purpose…

There was really very little “damage” to the bike that was irreversible.  Practically everything could be fixed with the exception of the bumps and bruises. So to, we cannot change our past. We cannot reverse that part of our journey. But we look at those scars and we remember how they happened and we will always see the hand of God in that situation. Pain splatters reminded me of the harsh words people shower me with… They hurt and they seem to cling to us. We often have no shield or protection from them.  But these “stains” can be removed. The blood of Jesus washes us whiter than snow.

  • Dust yourself off
  • Remember and learn your past
  • Forget the harsh words of others
  • Trust God for an easier season in your life and thank Him for His presence during those rough times
  • re-charge your batteries by meditating and delighting yourself in His Word
  • Restore your connection with God, by spending time in prayer, time reading His Word and time fellowshipping and worshiping with fellow believers.
  • Ask God to direct your steps and lead you to exactly where He needs and wants you to be. Had 2018 been unkind to you? I have good news for you, it is over and you are still standing!

Job 8: 6 “If you are pure and upright, he would rouse himself to you and restore your righteous estate”
Trust God to restore you.

And after all of this was done, the Trojan Pursuit Magnetic Bike was good to go again!

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