The Girl Boss! By Kemi Owonibi

Written by: Kemi Owonibi
Article source: Supplied

As a little girl, I just wanted to be. My goals were simple – to live each day as it came. I filled my days with the regular stuff. I went to school, wrote my tests, did my chores, had good grades, and followed the rules because that was what good girls did. Those were fantastic, and I was great at them.

However, I quickly realised, that to be the girl boss, you needed to do a little extra. Something like having a goal, hunting a goal, and taking courageous decisions. Those were not always in the ‘good girl’ stories, because the good girl was supposed to wait for true love’s kiss, to be rescued by someone courageous and carted away in a golden carriage to the castle. That in itself is also fantastic! A girl can dream now, can’t she?

I found this amazing poem, but I could not find the author:

Be a girl who hunts goals. Be a girl who takes courageous decisions. Be a girl who values the truth. Be a girl who lives life on her own terms. Be a girl who’s empathetic. Be a girl whose dreams are big. Be all these things and more. Your life has a purpose, live it to the fullest. ~ Author unknown

This is in sync with my primary school rhyme: Girls of spirit, girls of will, girls of muscle, brain, and power, fit to cope with everything, these are wanted every hour! Girls wanted, Girls wanted!

I count myself blessed, for I could not hide in the shadows for too long. I was found by those who believed that I could do more than just ‘being’ – My teachers. They believed that I was bright and smart. Even though I was a very shy girl, spoke only a little, and preferred a quieter life. My performance, hard work and work ethics quickly put me on the spotlight through primary school, high school and beyond.

I met a girl in high school – D’tee. She was not shy or quiet. Together we hunted goals.

It does not matter whether you are bold and brave, shy and demure, careful or cheerful, driven or doubtful, combative or conforming, introvert or extrovert, you are just the perfect candidate for the league of goal-hunters, and the team of Girl Bosses!

The girl boss is the city set upon the hill; she cannot be hidden. She knows her worth. She does not allow negative energy and opinions to pull her down. She knows when to walk alone and when to walk in a group. She understands the principles that says, “If you want to go fast, walk alone, if you want to go far, walk with a team”. She knows how to balance both.

The girl boss is visible – whether by her presence, words or action. She knows that no matter how she feels, she owes herself to get up, dress up and show up.

The girl boss prioritizes what truly matters the most; she makes the list of all she does and sets them in order of precedence. She invests her money, time and energy in learning and personal development. She searches for new tools and technologies to make her life easier and better. She understands that the value of life is measured in the currency of time, and so, she makes the most of every moment.

For the girl boss, the world is her playing field, but she also knows the need to take a break and take care of herself – spirit, soul, and body.

#BreakTheBias. Imagine a gender equal world.

The theme for International Women’s Day, 8 March, 2022(IWD 2022) is, “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”.

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